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President Bukele champions El Salvador’s multiple Bitcoin revenue streams

President Nayib Bukele outlined El Salvador’s lucrative journey within the Bitcoin ecosystem. Nayyib Bukele, the President of El Salvador, revealed that the Central American nation generates multiple Bitcoin revenues from various channels alongside its BTC holdings. In a Mar 11. post on social media platform X (formerly Twitter), the president outlined four additional sources of Bitcoin revenue for the…
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Bitcoin Proponent Nayib Bukele Claims Landslide Reelection Victory in El Salvador

In Brief Bitcoiner Nayib Bukele claims victory in El Salvador’s presidential elections with over 85% of the votes, according to exit polls. Bukele’s win is seen as a positive for the continuation of Bitcoin adoption in El Salvador, where it was made legal tender in 2021. El Salvador’s Bitcoin treasury currently stands at 2,825 coins,…
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El Salvador Invites Foreigners to Bring Bitcoin Into the Country

Briefly the government of El Salvador welcomes Bitcoin donations and offers donors from other countries faster citizenship. Destined to be ordered, the regulation signals a huge move in working with Bitcoin-related open doors. No predefined least Bitcoin gift is expected for facilitated citizenship, drawing in a different gathering of people. El Salvador’s administration has greeted…
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El Salvador Defies Critics as Bitcoin Portfolio Finally Turns Green

Briefly, despite criticism of the country’s strategy, El Salvador’s Bitcoin portfolio turns profitable with an unrealized gain of more than $3.6 million. El Salvador has continued to buy Bitcoin on a daily basis since November 2022, despite widespread criticism and prior unrealized losses totaling $54 million. The unbanked population of El Salvador views Bitcoin as…
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