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5k ETH stolen from crypto veterans in mysterious MetaMask heists

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5k ETH stolen from crypto veterans in mysterious MetaMask heists


A MetaMask developer claims that a sophisticated hacker used an unidentified method of attack to drain more than 5,000 Ethereum.

According to MetaMask developer @tayvano_, an ongoing hack has stolen more than 5,000 Ethereum (ETH) and an unspecified number of tokens and NFTs from multiple chains since the end of last year.

“I don’t know how big it is but since Dec 2022 it’s drained 5000+ ETH and ??? in tokens / NFTs / coins across 11+ chains.

The dev added that he has been researching throughout the previous two days yet can’t decide how the assailant is completing the burglaries. In addition, all of the victims are “OGs who are reasonably secure.”



OGs targetted in sophisticated MetaMask heist

@tayvano_ emphasized that this is a sophisticated attack aimed specifically at OGs and reiterated that nobody knows where the exploit is.

“This is NOT a low-brow phishing site or a random scammer. It has NOT rekt a single noob. It ONLY rekts OGs.”

Further puzzling investigations into the means by which the victims’ MetaMask wallets were accessed have yielded no results from forensic device examinations.

The keys were created between 2014 and 2022, and the victims are “crypto natives,” as evidenced by their possession of multiple addresses and employment in the crypto industry.

The hacker will commit “primary” thefts, and “secondary” thefts will follow hours later to collect assets and dust that were not taken in the first heist, which may take weeks or months.

On account of huge burglaries, the aggressor will trade resources into ETH inside the wallet, then send the tokens to an incorporated swapper, including SimpleSwap and ChangeNOW — continuously trading into Bitcoin (BTC).

The funds are sent to a mixer for address obfuscation after sitting on the BTC that was swapped for a week.







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Tips on staying safe

@tayvano_ conjectures that the assailant has obtained an information reserve from the casualties’ gadget. They can abstract the MetaMask keys by using this, but he emphasizes that this is “just a guess.”

“My best guess rn is that someone has got themselves a fatty cache of data from 1+ yr ago & is methodically draining the keys as they parse them from the treasure trove.

MetaMask users are advised by the developer not to store all of their digital assets on a single wallet key. Instead, individuals ought to hold assets in a hardware wallet or distribute their cryptocurrency across multiple keys.




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