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Binance. Ten trading pairs will be taken off the US market, and OTC trading will be stopped

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Binance. Ten trading pairs will be taken off the US market, and OTC trading will be stopped


In a nutshell

  • Binance. US will delist 8 BTC matches and 2 BUSD matches.
  • Following community outrage, USDT trading pairs will continue.
  • Binance has been placed on ice by the SEC. U.S. assets

Binance has been struck by the hammer. the United States as the exchange begins to remove cryptocurrency trading pairs from its listings

Binance on June 7. The United States of America stated that on June 8, 2023, it would eliminate some advanced BTC and BUSD trading pairs. The move comes after the Securities and Exchange Commission took enforcement action, claiming that the company had broken securities laws.



Binance.US Trading Under The Hammer

Numerous USDT trading pairs were included in the initial delisting bulletin. However, the announcement has been updated with the following information:

“Following community feedback, Binance.US will no longer remove any USDT Advanced Trading pairs. All cryptocurrencies and USDT pairs remain available to trade. Only select BTC and BUSD Advanced Trading pairs below will be removed.”

The list of Bitcoin trading pairs to be delisted included ATOM/BTC, BCH/BTC, DOT/BTC, LRC/BTC, MANA/BTC, UNI/BTC, VET/BTC, and XTZ/BTC.

Binance and CZ have been accused of numerous violations by the SEC. These incorporate deluding financial backers, lying about exchanging controls, mixing together client resources, and manipulative exchanging. In addition, it submitted an urgent request to freeze Binance. US resources recently.

However, because Binance Global is not a U.S. company, the regulator does not have any jurisdiction over it.


BNB Price Suffers

The BNB coin that is owned by Binance has been the most affected by the enforcement action. At the time of writing, the exchange token has lost an additional 7.4% on the day, falling to $257.

Since the lawsuit was issued earlier this week, BNB has lost 16% of its value.

Despite this, the asset is currently down 62.5 percent from its peak of $686 in May 2021. Despite efforts by U.S. regulators to shut it down, it is still doing much better than its crypto counterparts.

On-chain data also indicates that global exchange outflows have not been particularly significant.







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