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Charles Hoskinson Addresses “Frustrating Issues” With Cardano’s New Wallet

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Charles Hoskinson Addresses “Frustrating Issues” With Cardano’s New Wallet


In Brief

  • Charles Hoskinson has acknowledged ongoing investigations into a glitch affecting Nami wallet users.
  • To address the issue, the Nami team has disabled ADAHandles temporarily until a solution is deployed.
  • Despite the setback, ADA’s network activity has seen significant growth coinciding with a bullish trend.

Cardano’s founder, Charles Hoskinson, has addressed ongoing investigations into issues plaguing the network’s new wallet, Nami.

In a recent post on X (formerly Twitter), Hoskinson revealed that his team is investigating a glitch in Nami’s implementation of ADAHandles.



Charles Hoskinson on Cardano Wallet Glitch

Initial findings indicate a delay in fetching ADAHandles, causing a lag when users input handles like “$NFT” and “$NFTs.” To mitigate further problems, the team has disabled ADAHandles within Nami until a solution is deployed. Hoskinson reassured that the issue only affects Nami users, while Lace users remain unaffected.






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Cardano acquired Nami to bolster its network-native Lace wallet and ensure broader network adoption. However, Hoskinson admitted that the migration process takes time, and bugs like this may still arise in Nami.


“I understand how frustrating these issues can be to those impacted. It’s one of the reasons we bought Nami so that we could migrate the great experience to a codebase that is maintained using IOG’s engineering standards. Unfortunately, this migration takes time and bugs like these could be lurking in the acquired codebase,” Hoskinson added.

The team behind Nami Wallet also reiterated that it has temporarily disabled ADAHandles, assuring users that a permanent fix is in the works. Meanwhile, ADAHandles sympathized with affected users and highlighted that the problem was previously reported to Nami’s former creator without resolution.

Unlike Nami, wallets like Lace adhere to Verified Integration steps to prevent such issues.

“This is very unfortunate for users of Nami. We reached out to it’s former creator a long time ago to resolve this issue but to no avail. Other wallets follow our Verified Integration steps to prevent this issue, including Lace,” ADAHandles stated.


ADA Network Activity: Bullish Price Action

The Nami wallet glitch arrives when Cardano is experiencing increased network activity. Ali Martinez, BeInCrypto’s global head of news, pointed out that the blockchain network has seen a notable rise in daily active addresses, transaction volume, and transactions from whales during the past month.

“The uptrend in Cardano appears healthy! There’s a notable rise in daily active ADA addresses, transaction volume, and transactions from ADA whales. This increasing activity signifies strong network engagement and investor interest, positive indicators for continued growth,” Martinez said.

The network activity uptrend coincides with a bullish run for Cardano’s ADA token. During the past month, ADA’s price has increased by more than 40% to nearly $0.80, fueling speculations that its value could soon breach the $1 mark. Nonetheless, it has seen a slight correction in the last 24 hours, falling by a modest 0.26% to $0.728 as of press time.


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