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Could the EU Regulate Bitcoin Mining Out of Existence?

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Could the EU Regulate Bitcoin Mining Out of Existence?


In a nutshell

  • The European Commission is purportedly intending to mark Bitcoin as naturally destructive and a danger to EU energy security.
  • The EC’s proposed measures incorporate carbon charges and the expert for the ECB to make ESG rules around Bitcoin ventures.
  • ESMA has stated that it will advocate for the report to become the standard in other nations once it is accepted in the EU.

The European Commission is planning a crackdown on mining operations because it dislikes Bitcoin. Digital assets are given harsh labels in a recent report. Also, EU controllers could reduce the power supplies to Bitcoin mining offices in the alliance.

On January 31, crypto preservationist and funding financial backer Daniel Secure shared a part of a report by the European Commission featuring its arrangements to shorten crypto.








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EU Planning on Bitcoin Ban?

As per a posted segment of the report, it makes ready for a defacto EU prohibition on Bitcoin mining in 2025.

“While we were sleeping, the European Commission was working on a report in which they plan to label Bitcoin as harmful to the environment, a threat to energy security in the EU, and a haven for financial criminals.”

The report, which was not sourced, says that the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) and European Central Bank (ECB) are leading the crackdown.

The EC’s ongoing situation on Bitcoin mining is that it is an,


“Environmentally harmful, energy-wasting, and obsolete consensus mechanism.”

It proposes additional measures to curtail mining activities. These include carbon taxes and the ability of EU members to shut off power to BTC miners for “energy security” reasons. Additionally, it will formally label BTC as harmful to the environment.


It will likewise enable the ECB to devise ESG rules around institutional interest into Bitcoin. The national bank will monetarily disincentivize or “preclude interest into Bitcoin” and related items.

All in all, the European National Bank might utilize its ability to boycott Bitcoin for EU individuals really.

According to Batten, Lyuda Kozlovska and Bota Jardemalie, the Open Dialogue Foundation’s founders, have carried out the laborious work. They have been perusing each EC record and “battling this for a considerable length of time,” he added.


He warned that this could serve as a model for other countries. The ESMA, who work intimately with the ECB, has flagged that once the report is acknowledged in the EU, “they will push for it to turn into the norm in different countries.”

“Like different conflicts, this war begins in the EU however may not end there.”

He added that the EU National Bank has the assets, information on the lawful interaction, and history of “peer-assessed deception” on Bitcoin’s ecological effect.



Environmental Impact FUD Refuted

BeInCrypto reported earlier this week that a UN study on Bitcoin mining was examined for selective bias and reliance on out-of-date sources.

Additionally, the Bitcoin environmental impact FUD has been repeatedly refuted over the past few months. Additionally, global BTC mining operations continue to use a growing proportion of renewable energy.

Nevertheless, central bankers will continue to wave the red flag at decentralized crypto assets as they continue to push CBDC plans.

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