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Dfinity Foundation’s “proof of green” initiative announces that ICP uses less energy than Cardano

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Dfinity Foundation’s “proof of green” initiative announces that ICP uses less energy than Cardano


Dfinity Foundation says ICP consumes less energy than Cardano, launches ‘proof of green’ initiative


Dfinity noticed a developing worry of “greenwashing” in the blockchain business as most organizations guarantee to be the most feasible.

According to the Dfinity Foundation, a single Cardano (ADA) transaction uses 8,598 times more energy than a transaction on the Internet Computer (ICP) blockchain network.

The Foundation said that ICP was one of the greenest blockchains in a press release that was shared with Vipkhoone on April 18. It also said that a single Google search uses four times as much energy as a transaction on the network.

ICP uses less energy than competing blockchain networks like Solana (SOL), Avalanche (AVAX), Algorand (ALGO), Tezos (XTZ), and Cardano, according to the Foundation.



The Dfinity Foundation is the development team behind the Internet Computer network.






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Dfinity launches proof of green initiative

Carbon Crowd and the non-profit blockchain Foundation have collaborated to launch a Proof of Green (PoG) project.

By standardizing the manner in which blockchain networks report their carbon consumption, the PoG initiative aims to increase transparency and reduce greenwashing in the blockchain industry.

Dfinity noted that the majority of blockchain networks claim to be the most environmentally friendly, raising the issue of “greenwashing” in the sector. But a report from the European Commission found that 42% of claims on websites were “exaggerated, false, or deceptive.”

To battle this, the Play of the game idea gives blockchain networks the vital devices to prove their cases.


“The PoG initiative works by measuring the electricity draw of network devices. The carbon intensity of the electricity used by a device is determined by a number of factors, including the energy source e.g. coal, natural gas, wind, solar, hydroelectric. Once the carbon emissions have been determined and validated, it should be reported to the relevant parties, and made public. The data must be human and machine-readable.”

According to Aisling Connolly, a senior research scientist at Dfinity, PoG is a style of energy reporting that makes use of the transparency that surrounds blockchain systems. Connolly asserts that the idea ought to be widely adopted and “should be an industry standard.”


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