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Jay Clayton, the former chair of the SEC, describes Bitcoin’s rapid adoption as an “incredible development.”

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Jay Clayton, the former chair of the SEC, describes Bitcoin’s rapid adoption as an “incredible development.”


To sum things up

  • Ex-controller Jay Clayton’s position on cryptographic money stands out forcefully from that of the ongoing SEC chief, Gary Gensler.
  • In a Monday interview with CNBC, Clayton argued in favor of cryptocurrencies, stating that he was perplexed by the currency’s rapid adoption.
  • Clayton made predictions favorable to Bitcoin ETFs, which are still controversial, and cautioned against excessive regulatory zeal.

Previous SEC Seat Jay Clayton in a CBNC interview on Monday communicated awe at strong monetary establishments’ quick reception of Bitcoin. Clayton also criticized regulatory overreach and predicted that mainstream acceptance would grow even more rapidly in the near future.

The remarks made by the previous chair were made during one of the most intense phases of Gary Gensler’s war on cryptocurrencies. Gensler has led a crackdown on Ripple and Coinbase exchanges, which aligns largely with Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). As the cases weave their way through the courts, almost every day brings new surprises.







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As SEC Chair, Clayton Was Skeptical

Clayton portrayed a change in perspectives so quick that it surprised him. Back in 2015 and 2016, digital forms of money struck him as an “seaward, retail” craze improbable to get on with driving monetary firms.

In those days, crypto was “nothing near what I would agree are the center of our monetary business sectors,” he said. Clayton added:

“At that time, if you look at trading of Bitcoin, at the emergence of Bitcoin, it looked like stocks. But it was nothing like it. Now, we’ve seen a development all the way to the point where companies whose reputation in the market matters are saying, ‘You know what? We think that the trading, the custody, those protections around this market are sufficient that we’re willing to put our name on it and offer that product.”

Clayton said the shift in attitudes struck him as an “incredible development.”

He sounded exceptionally certain on the development of crypto. He was, however, openly skeptical of Bitcoin while he was chair of the SEC. Studies demonstrating that some 90% of crypto market action was wash exchanging took care of this discernment, he said.

In any case, that distrust didn’t hold. Not in that frame of mind of significant market players adding crypto to their foundation. Like any semblance of BNY Mellon, Bank of America, and Goldman Sachs.


“The way that we these foundations . . . that are saying, ‘We will put our standing behind it, I see that as lovely fantastic,” he said.

Clayton concluded by stating that Bitcoin ETFs have almost attained regulatory approval.


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