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Mathematician Says the Future of Economics Is Quantum, Not Bitcoin

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Mathematician Says the Future of Economics Is Quantum, Not Bitcoin


In Brief

  • David Orrell argues quantum mechanics, not Bitcoin, is the future of economics, offering deeper financial system insights.
  • Quantum economics surpasses classical theories by embracing complexities and predicting economic behaviors accurately.
  • He highlights quantum models’ potential in social sciences and decision-making, challenging classical economics’ assumptions.

David Orrell, a mathematician and acclaimed author, argues that the future of economics lies not in trending cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Instead, it is the application of quantum mechanics.

This innovative approach, known as quantum economics, promises a more accurate and nuanced understanding of financial systems, surpassing the limitations of classical economic theories.



Quantum Economics, Not Bitcoin

Classical economic theories have long been the bedrock of financial analysis and prediction, relying heavily on equilibrium models to forecast market behaviors. These models, while foundational, often miss the mark by ignoring the complexities and inherent uncertainties of real-world economic systems. Despite their innovative approach to decentralization and security, Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies still operate within these classical frameworks, thus inheriting their limitations.

Quantum economics, however, embraces these complexities, drawing parallels with the wave-particle duality of quantum particles to model economic phenomena.






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Orrell emphasized that quantum economics leverage quantum models as mathematical tools to analyze and predict economic behaviors more effectively. According to him, just as quantum probability is instrumental in understanding physical processes, it can also illuminate economics.

“I discovered that people were using quantum models in the social sciences for things like decision making – in other words, how to use a quantum model to take decision making into account. Just like in normal economics, rather than making completely rational decisions all the time, we are finding there are all these other things going on in the background that interfere with thought processes,” Orrell explained.

Therefore, quantum models could account for the non-rational behaviors affecting economic decisions. This approach offers a more comprehensive framework for understanding the financial system’s flow of money and information. Therefore, it challenges the traditionally rational assumptions of classical economics.

He also reflected on an analogy between the binary nature of traditional computing and the capabilities of qubits in quantum computing. This paradigm shift, Orrell suggested, could revolutionize economic modeling and decision-making by embracing uncertainty and complexity.


“A qubit can be likened to a spectrum of colors, offering different shades and complexities. It’s not just zero or one. Qubits are entangled; they interact with each other, introducing uncertainty upon measurement. This fundamental difference is what sets it apart. And as I’ve mentioned, demonstrating that models based on this principle can be profitable and effective is the key point,” Orrell said.

While Bitcoin has revolutionized the concept of decentralized finance, it remains confined within the paradigms of classical economic theories. These often fail to capture the full spectrum of human behavior and market fluctuations. Orrell believes that the increased understanding of quantum principles could lead to innovative economic models and strategies, benefiting the global financial system.


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