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Study Uncovers Web3 Advertising’s Greatest Test

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Study Uncovers Web3 Advertising’s Greatest Test

  • According to a recent survey, In Brief Web3 has a significant awareness gap, with only 24% of global respondents claiming familiarity.
    While premium in Web3 fades, there is a rising interest with man-made brainpower (man-made intelligence) innovation among advertisers and purchasers the same.
  • Notwithstanding the difficulties, possible exists for Web3 reception to further develop information proprietorship, benefit sharing, and command over internet based characters.

The most significant challenge presented by marketing in the age of Web3 is awareness. Even though the term “Web3” has been used a lot in digital marketing for a while, the general public doesn’t seem to know much about it.

Even among those who are familiar with related concepts like NFTs, the metaverse, and cryptocurrency, the term “Web3,” which refers to the decentralized version of the internet that is built on blockchain technology, is not yet widely understood.




Web3 Lacks Awareness

Only 24% of respondents to a new survey claim to be familiar with Web3. The metaverse and NFTs, two related technologies, had a slightly higher recognition rate, at 36% and 34%, respectively.

With a global recognition of 92 percent, cryptocurrencies enjoy significantly higher awareness.

This mindfulness hole represents an extensive test for advertisers utilizing Web3 in their missions. Web3 was touted as the next big thing in digital advertising just a year ago, and brands started creating virtual worlds and NFT wearables.

Crypto-local organizations like and customary brands like Adidas made huge commitments to spread the idea of Web3. Nonetheless, the overview results recommend their endeavors might not have had the ideal effect.






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AI Steals the Spotlight

It has been observed that there is a correlation between the growing fascination with artificial intelligence (AI) and the decreasing interest in Web3.

Coca-Cola is one example of a company that has shifted gears, putting new AI technologies ahead of previous Web3 endeavors. The closing of Disney’s entire Metaverse team and the end of Meta’s NFT integrations on its most important platforms demonstrate the decline in Web3’s popularity.

While these data points paint a seemingly grim picture, the survey revealed promising signs of potential interest in Web3.



Communicating the Benefits

Customers also place a high value on privacy, which is a fundamental feature of Web3 technology. Around 81% of US respondents expressed the meaning of information security. In point of fact, 79% of them stated that they desired greater control over their online identity.



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