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Mode Network Initiates 550 Million Crypto Airdrop on Optimism

In Brief Mode Network launches governance token MODE. MODE token combines governance roles, tokenomics. Network ranks in top 10 Layer-2 with $603 million TVL. Mode Network, a modular decentralized finance (DeFi) Layer-2 solution built on the Optimism Stack, has launched its governance token, MODE. Simultaneously, the network has initiated its crypto airdrop season, with the token claim…
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Dogecoin (DOGE) Correction Remains Due Amid Waning Optimism

In Brief Dogecoin’s price, despite the short-term recovery, is still vulnerable to further corrections on the daily chart. The investors have been pulling back from the meme coin, which is evident in the OI dropping by 1 billion. Their optimism has been missing since the beginning of the month and could stay that way for…
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200% SHIB Burn Rate and $25 Million Open Interest Surge Signal Investor Optimism

In Brief The Shiba Inu burn rate reached a new high, with 191.69% increase in 24 hours ending on Feb. 9, 2024, burning 7.65 billion SHIB. The SHIB token price is up by 3.30% in the past week and 0.9% in the past 24 hours, trading at $0.000009427 amidst recent burns. New registrations in the…
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Why Optimism Will Pause Your Ethereum (ETH) Withdrawals

In Brief The Optimism Network plans a temporary suspension of Ethereum withdrawals on February 15, starting at 9:00 ET for essential maintenance. The pause is part of a broader strategy to enhance the network’s defense against security threats through a significant protocol upgrade. The upgrade introduces a Superchain-wide pause mechanism to reduce risks and offer…
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Axie Infinity (AXS) and Optimism (OP) Drive $200M October Token Release

In a word In October, roughly $200 million worth of cryptographic money tokens are set to be opened and brought into the market. Six significant ventures, including Good faith and Axie Vastness offer more than 80% of this sum, adding up to more than $174 million. These deliveries could essentially affect the cryptographic money market…
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Optimism vs. Arbitrum: Ethereum Layer-2 Rollups Compared

Several Ethereum scaling solutions have emerged over the past few years, with Optimism and Arbitrum among the more popular ones. So, which one packs more punch when it comes to making transactions faster, reducing gas fees, and offering a seamless user experience on the Ethereum network? We explore these elements in detail in this comprehensive…
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Google Cloud Adds Support for Polygon, Optimism, Polkadot, and More

In a nutshell Google Cloud grows blockchain support by integrating 11 additional organizations into its BigQuery program, upgrading information availability and examinations. Beginning from a 2018 drive to democratize blockchain information, this expansion denotes a proceeded with venture in spite of the crypto market’s difficulties. The consideration means to take special care of the developing…
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Optimism (OP) Exchange Volume Spikes In the midst of Worldcoin Movement to Mainnet

In a word Ethereum layer2 network, Positive thinking, has seen its exchange volume moving upwards during the previous month in the midst of new advancements on the organization. Prior in the week, Worldcoin uncovered that it was relocating its Reality ID and World Application to the Over powered Mainnet. Like the more extensive crypto market,…
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On Optimism, Hundred Finance was hacked, resulting in a $7 million loss

The most recent DeFi exploit targets the multi-chain lending protocol. On the Optimism layer-2 scaling solution, Hundred Finance, a multi-chain lending protocol for decentralized finance (DeFi) based on the veHND model, has experienced a significant security breach. The convention, which incorporates with Chainlink prophets to guarantee market wellbeing and soundness, declared by means of their…
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