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Optimism (OP) Exchange Volume Spikes In the midst of Worldcoin Movement to Mainnet

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Optimism (OP) Exchange Volume Spikes In the midst of Worldcoin Movement to Mainnet


In a word

  • Ethereum layer2 network, Positive thinking, has seen its exchange volume moving upwards during the previous month in the midst of new advancements on the organization.
  • Prior in the week, Worldcoin uncovered that it was relocating its Reality ID and World Application to the Over powered Mainnet.
  • Like the more extensive crypto market, Over powered’s cost has partaken in some potential gain during the previous month, ascending by over 10%.

Hopefulness is seeing an increase in exchange volume after Worldcoin uncovered plans to move to its mainnet. As per Etherscan information, the everyday exchange rely on Confidence Mainnet outperformed 600,000 two times in July.

Information from L2Beat additionally shows that the layer2 network handled 15.95 million exchanges over the most recent 30 days, averaging 6.12 exchanges each subsequent day to day.



Worldcoin Migrates to OP Mainnet

Confidence’s exchange volume increment matched with its new reception by Worldcoin. Recently, the Sam Altman-supported crypto project declared the progress of World ID and World Application to the Over powered Mainnet.

Following the movement of the hidden innovation, client relocation has now begun. The change implies the Worldcoin convention is currently on Ethereum with spans for Good faith and Polygon POS. The vast majority of its Protected wallets have been sent to Positive thinking, and the World Application presently upholds Uniswap on the Over powered mainnet.

According to the Worldcoin Foundation, “bringing World ID to the OP Mainnet has the potential to strengthen the capabilities of Optimism’s Citizens’ House.”

Worldcoin expressed that the relocation was important for endeavors to rejuvenate the Superchain. Good faith Superchain is an organization of L2 chains, known as Over powered Chains, what share security, a correspondence layer, and an open-source innovation stack.







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Other Developments Within Optimism’s Ecosystem

In the interim, Idealism is likewise set to include a few improvements inside its environment. Two recommendations by O(1) Labs and RISC Zero to carry out zero-information evidence frameworks for the Over powered chains have been endorsed.

This move implies that the organization will before long have its own ZKP layers like advancements on Polygon and ZKSync.

The organization is additionally scaling its administration to accomplish the objectives of catching opposition and asset portion. This will see the presentation of The Symbolic House and Residents’ Home and new systems to deal with its income.

Pageantry application likewise sent off on Hopefulness during the week. Clients can now check verification of ETH, USDT, USDC, DAI, and Over powered resources on Over powered Mainnet without uncovering their wallet data.

The positive advancements inside the Hopefulness environment have made Over powered’s cost rise. The token is up 25% in the beyond 14 days and rose by 2.08% as of now to $1.55 at the hour of composing, as per BeInCrypto information.




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