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The founder of Monero refutes claims that he assisted Interpol in locating funds

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The founder of Monero refutes claims that he assisted Interpol in locating funds

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  • Riccardo Spagni, the founder of Monero, has denied being an Interpol informant.
  • James Edwards, a crypto influencer, stated in a Twitter thread that Spagni made it clear that he was an Interpol informant.
  • Before being captured in the United States in 2021, “Fluffypony” was trying to avoid fraud charges in South Africa.

Riccardo Spagni, the founder of Monero, has refuted claims that he was an informant who assisted Interpol and other federal agencies in locating funds.

Crypto Powerhouse James Edwards guaranteed in a string that Spagni exposed himself as a source for Interpol after U.S. Marshals kept him forthcoming removal.



Spagni Alleged to Be Interpol Mole

James Edwards shared reports from 2021 in a tweet on March 20. He concluded, based on the reports, that Riccardo Spagni, the founder of Monero, might be an Interpol informant.

“Evidence strongly suggests he assisted them in tracking Monero,” he stated.

In August 2021, Riccardo “Fluffypony” Spagni was captured in the United States. After being accused of crimes that first surfaced in 2009, the well-known cryptocurrency personality was taken into custody. He was apparently escaping extortion charges in South Africa.

Cape Cookies, Spagni’s former employer, said that Spagni had forged invoices. As indicated by court records, Fluffypony purportedly took $100,000 between October 2009 and June 2011.

This case served as the basis for some of Edwards’ arguments. In response to South Africa’s request for extradition, Spagni’s attorney postponed the trial and mentioned the risks associated with COVID-19. Edwards alleged that Spagni and his wife left South Africa prior to the March 2021 hearing. Additionally, he asserted that their fear of the virus prevented them from traveling to Bermuda but only to South Africa. Edwards noticed that their process remembered an unnatural visit for the U.S.

In view of the resource following solicitations, Edwards said, “I uncovered @mymonero (project established by @fluffypony) was a “wallet” that took reserves and deanonymized clients (all at once).”

Notably, the crypto commentator has drawn some of these conclusions using GPT-4.

In the meantime, the assertions were retweeted by author and analyst Nassim Nicholas Taleb. According to the author of “Black Swam,” his claim that every Bitcoin transaction can be traced might be true in the event that Monero’s chief maintainer turns out to be an Interpol informant.




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Monero Founder Hits Back Denying Claims

Monero founder ‘fluffypony’ responded to the allegations by calling James Edward “brain dead.” With regard to the allegations, Spagni said, “This nonsense post is unsurprising, coming from a known scammer.”


He likewise took a correspond at the powerhouse for utilizing ChatGPT’s GPT-4 to “dissect” the reports. “At no point have I ever met with and/or helped a law enforcement agency, a government, or an individual, or a government agency, or a company, or ANYONE to trace Monero,” the Monero founder stated, rejecting all claims.

In support of Monero’s cryptography, the founder claimed that he was unable to provide the government with “privileged access.” “I have no privileged access to Monero’s code, GitHub repo, website, Twitter account, DNS records, donated funds, or anything else,” he declared.

Having said that, Spagni concurred with Edwards’ assertion in the thread that Interpol did ask for his assistance, but that they “never followed up with what they needed assistance with.”

The founder offered this defense: “They never reached out to me and told me what the request was with. They never responded with any details.” I have absolutely no idea what it was about, and it might not have even had anything to do with Monero.

Crunchbase claims that Monero was founded by Spagni in 2014 and registered in Australia. In August of last year, Monero underwent a hard fork, bringing numerous privacy enhancements. There was speculation that Monero developers were behind an attack on Zcash in October 2022.

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At press time, Monero’s privacy-focused coin XMR is trading at $152 after a muted performance this week.

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