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The Turbo memecoin created by ChatGPT reaches $50 million in market capitalization

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The Turbo memecoin created by ChatGPT reaches $50 million in market capitalization


Several crypto exchanges like MEXC and LBank have listed Turbo and its holders have now exceeded 9000 indiviuals.

The Turbo memecoin was created using the well-known AI tool ChatGPT. Within a week of its launch, the coin’s market capitalization has now exceeded $30 million.

Digital artist Rhett Mankind tweeted on April 23 that he had given ChatGPT instructions and a $69 budget to make a memecoin that would outperform the hype surrounding all other memecoins and reach the top 300 on CoinGecko.

Mankind demonstrated how the AI tool selected the memecoin name and branding in a YouTube video. In addition, the smart contract code for the memecoin project was provided by the AI tool.






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How ChatGPT created Turbo

Humankind began by requesting that ChatGPT pick a name for the task, and TurboToad was picked through a Twitter survey. The craftsman utilized Midjourney to make the mascot for the task.

As per his documentation on Twitter, ChatGPT arranged the tokenomics for the undertaking and the Whitepaper. It included terms like no assessments, disavowed agreement, no presale, and an enemy of whale instrument.

Humankind experienced issues utilizing ChatGPT to make the shrewd agreement in light of the fact that the chatbot at first encouraged him to figure out how to code because of financial plan imperatives. The computer based intelligence code in the end composed the code, which was sent subsequent to being tried and checked by certain supporters.

The majority of the project’s liquidity was stolen by bots during the initial DEX launch, which was unsuccessful. ChatGPT, on the other hand, offered suggestions for moving the project forward. Crowdfunding, promotion on social media, and airdrops were among these concepts.

In the end, Mankind launched the token with the new name Turbo and a supply of 69 billion tokens, 60 billion of which belonged to him and the rest to the community.



Crypto exchanges list Turbo

Due to the successful launch of TURBO, numerous crypto influencers and well-known accounts have shown interest in the memecoin. With over 10,000 Twitter followers and a discord group, the project has a thriving social media presence.

In the mean time, the expanded interest has seen its holders push north of 9000, with its exchanging volume surpassing $30 million 24 hours, as per CoinGecko information. A few crypto trades like MEXC and LBank have likewise recorded the token.

As of press time, the token is trading at $0.00053512, and on May 3, its market cap exceeded $50 million. Nonetheless, it has as of late dropped to around $34.6 million, as per Dextools information.


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