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This Token Will Unlock 17% of Its Circulating Supply in August

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This Token Will Unlock 17% of Its Circulating Supply in August


To sum things up

  • In August, around $495 million worth of tokens will be opened, possibly influencing resource costs.
  • 17.19% of the Sandbox’s circulating supply, 332.55 million SAND tokens, will be released.
  • Avalanche (AVAX) intends to grant various beneficiaries access to an additional 2.76 percent of tokens worth $124.33 million.

Around 30 tasks’ token opens are planned for August, adding a potential selling tension of around $495 million.

The supply and demand for investment assets determine their price. The price plummets when there is an increase in supply but a decrease in demand. On the other hand, if demand rises while supply stays the same or decreases, the price skyrockets.

A new supply of tokens is introduced during token unlocks. Be that as it may, the interest could not be guaranteed to go up. Subsequently, overall cases, there is an adverse consequence on cost.



$143 Million Worth of Sandbox Tokens (SAND) Unlock in August

According to information gathered by BeInCrypto from TokenUnlocks, north of 300 million SAND tokens will go into flow in August.

The project will put $142.45 million worth of 332.55 million SAND into circulation on August 14. This token open comprises of 17.19% of the flowing stockpile.

The Sandbox wants to allocate the upcoming unlocking as follows:

  • 71.25 million tokens worth $30.52 million for the team.
  • 37.50 million tokens worth $16.06 million for the advisors.
  • 96.84 million tokens worth $41.48 million for company reserves.
  • 24 million tokens worth $10.28 million for strategic sales.
  • 102.96 million tokens worth $44.10 million for seed sales.

A community member called the upcoming SAND token unlock “absolutely insane.”








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Avalanche (AVAX) Would Unlock Supply For Airdrop Winners And Others


Avalanche will gain access to an additional 2.76 percent of tokens, totaling $124.33 million, on August 26. The organization will deliver 9.54 million tokens for the accompanying recipients:

For strategic partners, 2.25 million tokens worth $29.32 million and 1.67 million tokens worth $21.72 million.
The team received 4.50 million tokens, totaling $58.64 million, and the airdrop winners received 1.13 million tokens, totaling $14.66 million.

Additionally, other projects will also release millions into circulating supply. Some of them are as follows:

  • $40 million Optimism (OP) unlock on August 30
  • $32 million Aptos (APT) unlock on August 12
  • $29 million ApeCoin (APE) unlock on August 17

Also, dYdX’s $13.30 million open is expected on Aug. 1. The open comprises of 3.81% of the circling supply. Be that as it may, there isn’t a lot of effect on the cost of the token. As of composing, it is somewhere around 2.11% in the beyond 24 hours.




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