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Who Benefits Bitcoin More: Kennedy Junior or DeSantis?

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Who Benefits Bitcoin More: Kennedy Junior or DeSantis?


Who’s Better for Bitcoin: DeSantis or Kennedy Jr?

To sum things up

  • The 2024 US Official race highlights two driving competitors upholding for digital currency: Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. DeSantis has opposed central bank digital currencies due to their centralization and has consistently advocated for policies in Florida that are favorable to Bitcoin.
  • Kennedy Jr. stands out as a vocal supporter of Bitcoin and a candidate who opposes powerful institutions’ regulation and control, despite being a distant possibility.

In the impending 2024 US official race, two applicants arose as driving cryptographic money advocates: Florida Lead representative Ron DeSantis and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Be that as it may, only one could turn into the first Bitcoin president in quite a while.

These competitors have pushed Bitcoin into the political spotlight, making it a subject of public talk. However, which of them will best serve the crypto community?



DeSantis: A Staunch Advocate for Bitcoin

Lead representative Ron DeSantis has arisen as areas of strength for an of Bitcoin and a pundit of National Bank Computerized Monetary standards (CBDCs). DeSantis has consistently advocated for Bitcoin-friendly policies in Florida. His views are in line with the decentralization principle that is the foundation of Bitcoin, which stands in stark contrast to the centralization that is inherent in CBDCs. He signed legislation in May 2021 that clarified that individuals could trade cryptocurrency without a license and defined virtual currency in state statute.


Blockchain funding for state agencies appears to be a key component of DeSantis’ platform, and his commitment to a crypto-friendly Florida extends to his budget proposal for 2022. He argues against the control that a CBDC would grant federal governments, highlighting the significance of decentralized cryptocurrency networks like Bitcoin.

The candidacy of DeSantis presents a vision of a government that values cryptocurrency’s inherent values of self-custody and decentralization.







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Kennedy Jr: An Outspoken Crypto Advocate

In the Majority rule corner, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., in spite of being a remote chance up-and-comer, has likewise arisen as a vocal ally of Bitcoin. He’s scheduled to show up as an official competitor at the yearly Bitcoin Miami occasion, connoting his arrangement with the crypto local area .

Kennedy Jr. has shielded the crypto business against the apparent danger from the White House and the financial emergency. His position lines up with the crypto local area’s fight against guideline and control from strong establishments.

While he may be a vocal supporter, some caution that his controversial reputation could potentially harm the image of the crypto community​​.


Kennedy Jr. clearly supports Bitcoin in spite of these concerns. His position exemplifies the growing significance of cryptocurrency in politics and the requirement for political allies to protect the sector from regulatory threats.

However, the crypto community is still cautious about fully embracing him as a representative​​.



A Bitcoin President: DeSantis vs. Kennedy Jr.

There are two distinct Bitcoin-supporting candidates in the 2024 presidential election. DeSantis and Kennedy Jr. recognize the potential of this decentralized currency despite their divergent political views.

Their political stages mirror the developing effect of Bitcoin on public talk and the fate of the monetary scene.

Governor DeSantis is a front-runner among crypto enthusiasts due to his strong support for Bitcoin and opposition to CBDCs. However, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s support for cryptocurrencies cannot be overlooked, despite the fact that his controversial reputation may obscure his Bitcoin support.


As the 2024 official race moves nearer, the job of Bitcoin and its effect on the applicants’ foundation will without a doubt become more clear.

Hence, the crypto local area and the remainder of the country will distinctly perceive how these competitors’ crypto positions develop leading the pack up to the political race and whether one of them will end up being a Bitcoin president.


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