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Why Apple’s iOS 17 Is a Turning Point for Web3 Advertising Strategies

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Why Apple’s iOS 17 Is a Turning Point for Web3 Advertising Strategies


In short

  • iOS 17 presents Connection Following Security, stripping away client recognizable URL following boundaries.
  • This upgrades client security yet challenges Web3 advertisers who depend intensely on URL following procedures.
  • Apple’s extended Confidential Snap Estimation might offer a protection driven answer for promotion attribution.

Apple’s recent reveal of iOS 17 has, once again, put crypto marketers and advertisers on high alert. Beneath the allure of innovative features lies the tech giant’s growing emphasis on user privacy.

So, how exactly will this iOS update reshape Web3 advertising?



Apple iOS 17’s Privacy Features

The core of iOS 17’s protection highlights lies in Apple’s choice to take away URL following boundaries from joins got to in an extensive variety of applications. These incorporate Mail, Message, and even Safari Private Perusing.

“We are focused on keeping our users in the driver’s seat when it comes to their data by continuing to provide industry-leading privacy features and the best data security in the world. This approach is evident in a number of features on our platforms, like the major updates to Safari Private Browsing, as well as the expansion of Lockdown Mode,” said Craig Federighi, senior vice president of Software Engineering at Apple.

Historically, Web3 advertisers utilized URL tracking parameters to follow consumer behavior across various websites after clicking a link. This provides them invaluable data for crafting effective targeting strategies.

With iOS 17’s Connection Following Assurance, client recognizable data in these URLs will disappear. However, the connections will remain completely utilitarian for customers. This component may on a very basic level change how crypto sponsors track client commitment and evaluate promoting effort results.

Rae Guimond, director of strategy at PriceSpider, believes that consumers’ sentiment is increasingly leaning toward data privacy. For this reason, companies worldwide are adapting to data protection frameworks that gives more power to the user.

“Companies are understanding now that consumers want their privacy; they want to take back their data,” said Guimond.

However, the growing sentiment around data privacy presents undeniable challenges for crypto and Web3 marketers accustomed to rich data sources for strategizing.






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Implications for Web3 Advertising

A couple of examinations can be made between Apple’s iOS 17 and its past cycles. For example, iOS 14.5 presented Application Following Straightforwardness, essentially influencing the following abilities for Web3 sponsors, particularly in email promoting.

With iOS 17, the Web3 publicizing area could again be preparing for impressive movements. Particularly those crypto advertisers depending intensely on URL following boundaries.

“A lot of companies pass information across their sites, meaning this could cause a fair amount of havoc,” said Charles Manning, chief executive officer at Kochava.

Notwithstanding, Brian McKenna, VP at DMi Accomplices, offers a shine of trust. His underlying investigation proposes that the effect on email showcasing probably won’t be just about as significant as dreaded. The key will be grasping which explicit URL boundaries iOS 17 targets and formulating techniques to bypass potential information misfortunes.

One more strategy in Apple’s drives against subtly client following, named “fingerprinting,” is seeing reestablished consideration. Fingerprinting has permitted organizations to distinguish client personality through gadget signals.

To battle this, Apple will order application designers to legitimize their application programming points of interaction (APIs) utilization. Those neglecting to give satisfactory thinking risk prohibition from the Application Store. This will additionally hinder advertisers from clandestinely following clients, enhancing the difficulties presented by iOS 17.

“Between cookies being deprecated and privacy solutions accelerating, the measurement and analytics provided by Apple and Google are not yet comprehensive enough to provide an understanding on the return of our marketing efforts without additional measures. For advertisers that continue to rely on user-centric measurement, this is just one of a thousand cuts already deployed that will make measurement difficult,” said Michael Monaco, senior vice president at Kepler.


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