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Why OKX Delisted the WallStreetBets DApp (WSB) Memecoin After a 58% Flash Crash

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Why OKX Delisted the WallStreetBets DApp (WSB) Memecoin After a 58% Flash Crash


In a word

  • OKX delisted WallStreetBets DApp (WSB) token because of high exchanging focus and the WSB group’s Depository access concerns.
  • Following OKX’s delisting declaration, the WSB token’s cost came around more than half, denoting a 73% reduction in the previous week.
  • OKX additionally uncovered plans to close down its Mining Pool by Feb. 25, 2024, in the midst of expanded examination from the Chinese government.

The WallStreetBets DApp (WSB) token was moving as dealers overreacted following its delisting from concentrated trade OKX. OKX eliminated the token as a result of the centralization of WSB exchanging on its foundation and the WSB group’s requirement for admittance to the Depository.

OKX reported yesterday that it had started to unwind the WSB/USDT pair exchanging as indicated by its Symbolic Posting Assurance and Censure Rules. The activity comes after the WSB group grumbled of a requirement for admittance to the Depository, which r/WallStreetBets subreddit maker Jaime Rogozinsky as of now controls.



WSB Altcoin Tanks After OKX Delisting

As indicated by OKX, the WSB exchanging matches will be eliminated on Feb. 2, 2024. The trade halted WSB stores on Jan. 23, 2024.

Following the announcement, WSB saw a 50% decrease in price. It is down 73% in the beyond seven days to $0.0011935.

The OKX group said the WSB exchanging volume was too focused on its foundation. According to exchange data, OKX saw approximately $1.1 million of the $1.2 million worth of WSB/USDT trading in the last 24 hours. BNB Chain’s PancakeSwap (V2) represented generally $69,000 in extra WSB volume.





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Another variable impacting the delisting choice was the group’s anxiety at Jaime Rogozinski’s command over the undertaking’s Depository. Rogozinski made the r/WallStreetBets subreddit to strip enormous organizations of the ability to go with venture choices.

The venture in the long run finished in a blockchain finance stage represented by the WSB token. The WSB image coin empowers local area individuals to decide on designating resources in speculation items, in addition to other things.


How the OKX Crypto Exchange is Reinventing Itself

OKX’s WSB delisting likewise goes with a change in its business needs. On Friday, the crypto trade quit tolerating recruits to its cloud mining pool and plans to slow down tasks by Feb. 25, 2024. The pool has served Chinese crypto excavators starting around 2017 yet has as of late gone under the examination of the Chinese government.

Last week, the organization’s local OKB token encountered a 48% “streak crash” that brought about measures to solidify its tasks. The organization’s group made the accompanying announcement,

“…On 23 January 2024 the price of OKB dropped from 50.69 to 48.36 USDT, causing several margined positions to liquidate automatically. As a result, OKB experienced high volatility for about three minutes, reaching a low of 25.1 USDT before the market stabilized…we will work to continuously improve OKX’s margin position tier rules, risk management controls, and liquidation mechanism to avoid any future abnormal liquidations.”


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