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Why Was This Web3 Influencer Kicked Off Gala Games Creator Program?

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Why Was This Web3 Influencer Kicked Off Gala Games Creator Program?


In a nutshell

  • Web3 powerhouse Jesus Martinez proclaims that he has been ended from the Celebration Games content maker program.
  • Jesus Martinez expressed his goal to proceed with his obligation to the Celebration people group, paying little mind to loss of association.
  • Positive reactions follow Web3 powerhouse’s responsibility notwithstanding his end. Some case he is the hardest specialist for Affair Games people group.

A Web3 online virtual entertainment powerhouse with 135,700 supporters reported the end of his agreement inside Function Games’ substance maker program.

Hypothesis encompasses the chance of Martinez’s end being connected to discussing token costs. In the interim, the site shows that pursuing the substance designer program requires under 2 minutes.



Influencer Will Not Turn Back Away from Gala Games Community

Web3 powerhouse Jesus Martinez has made sense of for his devotees that he means to keep making content on Affair Games, in spite of his substance not been adapted by the gaming monster any longer:

“I had made a video showing my obligation to the Celebration people group and I will keep that Regardless of Occasion Games support, I will ensure that my local area gets the data they need and keep on coming to me for.”

In any case, Martinez underlines that he never took on the maker program for the remuneration purposes, so the end hasn’t monetarily affected him.

Remarks on X recommended that Martinez may be pointing towards explicit crypto tokens and its costs. Nonetheless, Occasion Games has not affirmed these claims.

In the mean time, in a Youtube video, Martinez demonstrated that Celebration Games has been endeavoring to get away from “profit from speculation” content makers for quite a while.

Martinez’s lengthy post saw positivity from his following. Several users stated that he is the “hardest workers in the space,” to other saying how much Martinez does for Gala.







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