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YouTuber Collaborates With Kraken to Accept Down Call Community Crypto Trick Activity

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YouTuber Collaborates With Kraken to Accept Down Call Community Crypto Trick Activity



  • Kraken and YouTuber Kitboga recently collaborated to uncover and stop a cryptocurrency scam in a call center.
  • Utilizing a uniquely constructed counterfeit record, Kitboga teased the tricksters, who needed to take crypto from him.
  • Through the sting activity, Kraken succesfully distinguished different crypto wallets having a place with the fraudsters.

Kitboga, a streamer and YouTuber, and Kraken recently collaborated to eliminate call center crypto scammers.

Kitboga explains in detail how he and the cryptocurrency exchange worked together to catch the con artists and shut down their business in a video that he uploaded to his YouTube channel on Saturday.



Call Center Scammers Target Crypto Exchange Users

It’s a digital con that dates back a long time. But, the phony security alert has developed with the times and stays a famous way for hoodlums to cheat their casualties.

The attack’s premise is fairly straightforward. A popup is intended to seem to be a genuine security alert. In any case, rather than advance notice clients about a danger to their PC, it requests that they call a phony hotline. Fraudsters posing as cybersecurity experts trick callers at the other end into making payments, providing login credentials, or even taking control of their devices.

Kitboga exposed a criminal operation that targeted victims’ bank accounts and stole their cryptocurrency in a recent episode of his YouTube series.

The scammer on the phone, as shown in the video, asked him to log in to his online banking and check his Kraken account to see if anything had been stolen once they had control of his computer.

However, Kitboga and Kraken were working together to help bring down their entire crypto scam operation, which the caller was unaware of.








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Kraken Helps Bait Crypto Scam Operators

Before reaching the trick call focus, Kraken assisted Kitboga with setting up a phony record that would appear to the programmers as though it contained a lot of Bitcoin.

Under the misrepresentation that they were attempting to safeguard his coins, the swindlers mentioned that their casualty start a withdrawal demand that would deplete the record of every one of its assets. However, the account was purpose-built to capture such malicious actors, so each request was unsuccessful.

As a matter of fact, Kraken’s sting activity shrewdly attempted to accumulate information on numerous crypto wallets utilized by the call place administrators. Information of this kind is extremely helpful in the fight against crypto criminals. In this case, Kraken had the option to share wallet addresses with other trade administrators to freeze resources and close the net on the culprit’s crypto washing activity.



Crypto Thieves Roll With the Times

The most recent collaborate among Kraken and Kitboga features how hoodlums have adjusted their strategies to the pattern of crypto possession.

Cryptocurrency holders, in fact, are among the most likely victims of online fraud. For instance, research has shown that 35% of crypto owners in Canada have been duped.

The Kraken case also demonstrates how criminals manipulate their targets through social engineering. They are able to circumvent the various security measures implemented by exchanges and wallets thanks to this.

For instance, a trick focusing on Coinbase clients was noticed utilizing counterfeit instant message cautions. These alerted users to the fact that their two-factor authentication (two-factor) information had changed. A person who was very close to becoming a victim of the scam reported calling a “customer support” hotline and being asked for his 2FA code. It was really at that time that he became dubious and hung up the telephone.





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