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2023’s Costly Reality: Top 10 Crypto Hacks Drained Over $1 Billion

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2023’s Costly Reality: Top 10 Crypto Hacks Drained Over $1 Billion


In a nutshell

  • In 2023, the ten biggest crypto hacks brought about misfortunes surpassing $1 billion, with substances connected to Tron pioneer Justin Sun losing $243M.
  • Mixin, a decentralized computerized resource the executives association, experienced the main deficiency of $200 million because of a 2023 cloud break.
  • In 2023, the Solana network kept over half of its developers, but its expansion has drawn sophisticated attacks that mimic Solana wallet responses.

Blockchain security firm SlowMist assessed that complete misfortunes from the 10 biggest crypto hacks in 2023 added up to more than $1 billion. Even as security firms rush to address new Solana threats, hacks involving entities associated with Tron founder Justin Sun cost over 20% of the funds.

Around $243 million in losses were caused by an exploit on the Heco chain and a breach at Poloniex. The hack with the biggest misfortune was that of Mixin, a decentralized computerized resource the executives association.



Crypto Hacks May be Due to “Duct Tape” Code

Mixin suffered a cloud breach that cost clients about $200 million. The organization arranged to compensate for 50% of losses. The second-largest hack stole $197 million from the decentralized finance lending protocol, Euler Finance.

The Poloniex exchange suffered the third-largest loss of $130 million. Poloniex is a crypto exchange bought by controversial crypto entrepreneur Justin Sun. A 2022 report by the Verge alleged that Poloniex’s software consisted of “duct tape” code.


AllianceBlock experienced a hack of its BonqDAO loaning convention in February 2023. The assailant had the option to take the association’s ALBT local token through a savvy contract shortcoming. They grabbed an asserted $120 million, in spite of the fact that AllianceBlock organizer and boss innovation official Matthijs de Vries questions media reports.

HTX, previously Huobi, and its eco-centered Heco blockchain were hacked in November for $113 million. Justin Sun, who has not uncovered any authority trade job other than “consultant,” was embroiled in infusing liquidity into a Tie (USDT)- based marking item HTX sent off a year ago.

In June 2023, Nuclear Wallet clients experienced an information break that impacted under 1% of clients. Circle Chain, a cross-chain convention connecting different organizations, was subsequently gone after, losing its clients about $82 billion. In any case, the hack that perhaps shook decentralized finance the most in 2023 was a $74 million break of stablecoin sturdy Bend Money.

Crypto trade CoinEx encountered a digital assault that lost $70 million from more than one blockchain. In July, clients of Alphapho, a wallet administration, lost $60 million that was accepted to have been gotten across chains. The assault might have been crafted by North Korea’s Lazarus Gathering.






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Solana Hacks Warrant Caution Amid Growth

The Solana designer report as of late uncovered that the organization held over half of engineers in 2023. In order to work on Solana, the report suggested that Ethereum developers would need to undergo extensive retraining.

Notwithstanding, the new development of the Solana network has drawn in refined tricks. As of late, programmers attempted to convince Solana clients to sign exchanges by imitating the reactions of certifiable Solana wallets. Accordingly, a Web3 misrepresentation insurance organization, BlockAid, urged designers to help out them to assist clients with remaining safe.

As of late, YouTube brought down a deepfake of Solana fellow benefactor Anatoly Yakovenko, offering free giveaways. To deceive viewers, the video made use of the recent boom in artificial intelligence. The promotion likewise showed up on X.

A delegate of the Solana Establishment, Austin Federa, said such tricks were multiplying. Yakovenko’s voice was repetitive in the video, which could provide financial backers some insight.


“There has been a substantial increase in deepfakes and other AI-generated content recently.”

However, these scams are still challenging to combat but exploit the same tactics used by other fear-of-missing-out (FOMO) schemes. It is also worth checking official social media accounts for signs of similar information.





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