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Axie Infinity (AXS) and Optimism (OP) Drive $200M October Token Release

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Axie Infinity (AXS) and Optimism (OP) Drive $200M October Token Release


In a word

  • In October, roughly $200 million worth of cryptographic money tokens are set to be opened and brought into the market.
  • Six significant ventures, including Good faith and Axie Vastness offer more than 80% of this sum, adding up to more than $174 million.
  • These deliveries could essentially affect the cryptographic money market elements as they apply selling strain on the advanced resources.

Around 30 cryptographic money undertakings will deliver more than $200 million worth of tokens into course in October, as per Token Opens information. Notwithstanding, six ventures will contribute almost 80% of this delivery as they intend to open more than $174 million worth of tokens during this period.

Token opens include delivering resources recently confined from course to the digital currency market. Research by The Cambridge Community for Elective Money (CCAF) showed that opening altogether impacts generally speaking business sector elements as it frequently applies seriously selling tension on the advanced resource.







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Top 6 Scheduled Unlock For October

Axie Endlessness leads by delivering 15.13 million AXS tokens, identical to 11.5% of its coursing supply. This significant delivery adds up to $71.39 million at the hour of composing and would be significantly used to foster its environment further and finance its group.

Good faith, an Ethereum layer2 network, will open tokens esteemed at $33.58 million. These tokens, adding up to 12.75 million for center benefactors ($17.72 million) and 11.41 million for financial backers ($15.86 million), address 3.03% of its coursing supply and will open up on the last day of the month.

Aptos also has plans to reward its foundation and community with 4.45 million APT tokens, valued at $25.13 million. This release constitutes 1.91% of their circulating supply and is scheduled for October 12.

SUI will allocate its entire pool of 34.62 million tokens, worth $16.21 million, to the Community Access Program. This unlock is slated for October 3.

Meanwhile, Apecoin will use its unlocked tokens to bolster its treasury further. The project plans to add about $9.18 million from the tokens to be unlocked this month to its treasury. This planned move follows a series of similar additions in previous months.

On October 7, 18.08 million IMX tokens are set to be released from their lockup. This represents approximately 1.55% of IMX’s current circulating supply, estimated at $10.71 million.




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