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Bitcoin Bull Run Far From Peak, According to Analyst

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Bitcoin Bull Run Far From Peak, According to Analyst


In Brief

  • Analysts foresee significant Bitcoin growth as its bull market begins.
  • Confidence stems from strong fundamentals and historical data indicating immense potential.
  • Accumulation by whales and market sentiment point to a bullish trend ahead, despite current consolidation.

As the cryptocurrency landscape evolves, a chorus of expert analysts sings the same tune: the Bitcoin bull market is just starting.

Despite the roller-coaster ride typical of the crypto market, Bitcoin appears to be gearing up for significant growth, riding the wave of its post-halving adjustments.

Unpacking the Bullish Sentiment

The optimism surrounding Bitcoin’s potential isn’t just hot air; it’s rooted in solid analysis. Cryptoquant’s CEO, Ki Young Ju, is a major proponent of this bullish outlook.

According to Ju, the Bitcoin network’s core fundamentals are strong enough to support a market cap triple its current size. This could potentially catapult Bitcoin’s price to a staggering $265,000, a figure that underscores the immense growth potential. His confidence is bolstered by historical data, showing that past bullish phases with similar fundamentals have led to massive price surges.




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Adding his voice to the bullish choir, Crypto trader Rekt Capital points out that this bull run is only 37.1% complete based on the standard halving cycles. This suggests that Bitcoin’s price climb is far from peaking. Also, Rekt Capital recently suggested that Bitcoin may have exited the danger zone.

Another esteemed analyst, Willy Woo, notes the subtle yet significant inflows into the Bitcoin network. These inflows are pivotal as they reflect growing investor confidence, fortifying the market’s foundation.

“Early signs, if I squint *just right*, that flows into the Bitcoin network are picking up again. Probably needs another week to confirm this trend reversal properly.” Woo said.

Further insights into the market’s dynamics come from Santiment, which tracks significant Bitcoin accumulations by large holders, known as whales. Recently, whales have snapped up approximately $941 million worth of Bitcoin. This aggressive accumulation amidst general market apprehensiveness is often a precursor to positive market reversals and sustained bullish trends.

Axel Adler Jr, a noted on-chain and macro research analyst, emphasized the role of market sentiment in shaping future price movements. He mentioned the necessity of negative sentiment for accumulating short positions, which could eventually fuel an upward price thrust.

Adler Jr also pointed out the ongoing bearish pressure but sees it as a setup for a bullish rebound.

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