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Bitcoin Meme Coin PUPS Hits All-Time High, NFT Sales Soar Ahead of Halving

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Bitcoin Meme Coin PUPS Hits All-Time High, NFT Sales Soar Ahead of Halving

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In Brief

  • PUPS, a Bitcoin meme coin, surges in price and recently set its new all-time high record of $47.44.
  • PUPS NFTs sales skyrocketing, as NFT activity on the Bitcoin blockchain surpasses Ethereum and Solana.
  • The excitement around the upcoming Bitcoin halving and the launch of Runes fuels the momentum.

PUPS, a meme coin project on the Bitcoin blockchain, has skyrocketed in valueIts price has been increasing by 1,075% for the past seven days.

CoinGecko data indicates PUPS is currently trading at $45.40. This level is just below its new all-time high of $47.44, reached during the early Asian market session.

PUPS NFT Sales Explode with 6,948% Increase

The surge in PUPS activity extends to its BRC-20 NFT collection. Sales have skyrocketed by 6,948% over the past seven days.

Furthermore, data places PUPS BRC-20 NFTs in second place in sales volume over the last week, reaching $18.4 million from 3,232 transactions with 1,161 buyers. This surpasses the figures for NodeMonkes, which recorded $11.72 million in sales with only a 108.61% increase.

UniSat reveals a staggering floor price of 61,799 sats for PUPS NFTs –  equivalent to around 0.46 BTC or $32,655 at the time of writing.

Interestingly, PUPS trails only the “Uncategorized Ordinals” group, which achieved a remarkable $48.15 million in sales during the same period. The term “Uncategorized Ordinals” encompasses miscellaneous digital assets on the Bitcoin blockchain that aren’t part of recognized collections.

PUPS’s success reflects a wider trend. NFT sales volume on the Bitcoin blockchain has outpaced Ethereum and Solana over the past seven days. This is notable since Ethereum and Solana are traditionally associated with NFTs.

Data from CryptoSlam shows Ethereum’s seven-day NFT sales volume at $9.38 million, while Solana’s stands at $3.94 million. Bitcoin, in contrast, amassed an impressive $20.97 million.

NFT Sales Volume Across Blockchains.
NFT Sales Volume Across Blockchains. Source: CryptoSlam

This remarkable performance in the PUPS ecosystem coincides with the highly anticipated launch of Runes. Casey Rodarmor, a Bitcoin developer and creator of Ordinals, has created Runes as a new fungible token standard on the Bitcoin blockchain. Runes are slated to debut on Bitcoin’s mainnet following the imminent Bitcoin halving.

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