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BTC Price Prediction 2024: What Will Happen After Bitcoin ETFs Approval?

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BTC Price Prediction 2024: What Will Happen After Bitcoin ETFs Approval?


In a word

  • The likely endorsement of a Bitcoin ETF by the US could essentially influence Bitcoin’s worth, with forecasts running generally.
  • Experts recommend an ETF would draw institutional capital, possibly changing business sector elements and trade tasks.
  • Cost gauges change, with moderate assessments around $42,000-$100,000 and more bullish forecasts coming to $1 million.

The cryptographic money market is humming with the chance of the US supporting a Bitcoin ETF (trade exchanged store). This potential move has started different expectations concerning Bitcoin’s future cost.

Examiners and specialists are showing up, giving bits of knowledge that reach from careful hopefulness to extravagant bullish.



An ETF Would Open the Gates to Institutional Capital

According to Bloomberg, the likelihood of a spot Bitcoin ETF being greenlit this year stands at a promising 90%. This news has fueled speculation about the impact such an approval would have on Bitcoin’s value.

Primarily, approving a spot Bitcoin ETF could mark a pivotal shift in institutional engagement with cryptocurrency. This would open a regulated path for US companies into the crypto market and draw major trading firms. Subsequently enhancing market liquidity and dynamics.

“In the mid-term, [Bitcoin ETFs] should provide a frictionless on-ramp for institutions to add Bitcoin to their books in a way that’s both regulatory friendly and compliant with various fund structures,” Mati Greenspan, CEO of Quantum Economics, told vipkhoone.


Introducing a spot Bitcoin ETF is also expected to shake up the operations of cryptocurrency exchanges. Analysts like Nate Geraci of ETF Store and Bloomberg’s Eric Balchunas pointed out an ETF could lead to more competitive trading costs. Therefore, potentially transforming the revenue models and operations of traditional crypto exchanges.

Grayscale CEO Michael Sonnenshein added another dimension to this conversation. He suggested the ETF’s approval could unlock around $30 trillion in advised wealth for Bitcoin. This move could significantly broaden the investor base, offering new opportunities for those previously unable to invest in Bitcoin.

“There is a lot of optimism in the market. A lot of investors are adding Bitcoin to their portfolios. When we look ahead to the hopeful approval, it is going to unlock the opportunity to a part of the investment community that, for better or worse, but I would say for worse, has unfortunately been locked out of the opportunity to participate in having Bitcoin exposure in their portfolios,” Sonnenshein added.






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BTC Price Prediction Ahead of Bitcoin ETF Decision

As to estimates, a scope of forecasts have been advanced. On the moderate end, Bitcoin’s cost is supposed to float somewhere in the range of $42,000 and $100,000 upon ETF endorsement. Be that as it may, a more bullish point of view recommends a possible flood to $160,000 or even $1,000,000, filled by institutional deluge and supply factors.

For example, Adam Back, the Chief of Blockstream, determined a huge expansion in Bitcoin’s worth, proposing it could reach $100,000. He accepts this flood is conceivable even before the presentation of an ETF and the impending Bitcoin dividing occasion. Back accentuated the significant effect an ETF could have on Bitcoin’s worth, featuring its likely impact on its market elements.

In like manner, on-chain examination firm CryptoQuant told BeInCrypto that Bitcoin would outperform $160,000 in light of a few elements. These remember the expected increment for interest for Bitcoin coming from different ETFs, the impending Bitcoin dividing occasion, and a likely ascent in more extensive securities exchanges driven by cuts in loan costs.

“We argue that Bitcoin and crypto markets could have a positive year in 2024 mostly amid the effects from: 1. The market valuation cycle, 2. Network activity, 3. The Bitcoin halving, 4. The macroeconomic perspective, 5. Bitcoin spot ETF approval and 6. Growing stablecoin liquidity,” analysts at CryptoQuant affirmed.

On the other hand, Anthony Scaramucci, a notable figure in the crypto space, anticipated a price rise to $330,000.

In the mean time, Samson Cut, Chief of Jan3, anticipated a sensational ascent in Bitcoin’s worth, possibly coming to $1 million. Mow highlighted the contrast between a surge in institutional funding and the limited availability of BTC on exchanges. He stresses that this deluge of capital could cause a critical and fast expansion in Bitcoin’s worth.

Mow suggested that the impact of ETF approvals could result in an even faster and more substantial rise, given the anticipated billions of dollars that would be poured into the market, drawing on previous trends such as the 2017 surge, in which Bitcoin’s value increased by 20 times in just nine months.

Despite the excitement, it is essential to keep in mind that these predictions are speculative and dependent on a variety of factors, including market dynamics and decisions made by regulators. Given the infamous instability of the digital currency market, financial backers should move toward these improvements with alert and intensive exploration.


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