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Crypto Surge Potentially Linked to Capital Rotation, Suggests Benjamin Cowen

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Crypto Surge Potentially Linked to Capital Rotation, Suggests Benjamin Cowen


In a word

  • Benjamin Cowen recommends current crypto market increase might be because of financial backers inclining toward moderate crypto choices.
  • That’s what cowen places in the event that the all out market cap doesn’t arrive at new highs, it could show financial backers are reshuffling portfolios.
  • In spite of suspicion, a few clients accept the flow circumstance denotes the start of the alt season in the crypto market.

Throughout recent hours, there has been a perceptible increase in the digital currency market, however Benjamin Cowen recommends that the flood into the crypto space may not only come from new financial backers.

Cowen recommends that this could be a consequence of market financial backers leaning toward additional moderate choices for their crypto portfolios, showing a change in inclination.



Crypto Market Capital Placement Shifts

Cowen brings up that the crypto market presently dwells in a zone where, assuming the all out market cap neglects to accomplish new levels, it could just involve financial backers reshuffling their portfolios’ capital:

“If TOTAL (total crypto marketcap) cannot break out here (same spot it was rejected in April and July), then I still think what we are witnessing is a rotation of capital from altcoins to BTC, rather than a lot of new money coming into the space.”

At the time of this publication, CoinMarketCap data shows that the total market capitalization of crypto is $1.23 trillion.


Nonetheless, Cowen’s remarks gathered different reactions from X clients. Some are of the assessment that it denotes the commencement of the alt season, while others communicated doubt about his comments.

“A few alts will fly from here genuine soon,” one X client posted.






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Bitcoin Positive News In Recent Times

“Difficult to envision alt coins performing great in this full scale climate. I believe if bitcoin pulls back numerous alts will get squashed,” another X client expressed.

In the mean time, another client expressed that the flood is because of an expansion in Bitcoin inflows, which streamed down into altcoins:


“Alts pumped as well. Not as much as BTC but still. My guess is that new capital came into BTC and that it will eventually dripple down into alts. Time will tell..It gets really interesting in the coming weeks and months.”

At the time of publication, Bitcoin’s price stands at $33,839.



Bitcoin has ruled conversations inside the crypto local area this week. This is because of great progressions concerning Bitcoin ETFs.

The US Court of Allure gave a “formal command” to the US Protections and Trade Commission (SEC) to re-survey Grayscale’s application for a spot Bitcoin ETF.

On September 29, BeInCrypto detailed that a drawn out graph has been showing a bullish example creating throughout the course of recent months. It was noticed that in the event that this proceeds, it could prompt a recuperation in the altcoin market.





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