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Crypto Whale Buys $10.4 Million in Meme Coin PEPE

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Crypto Whale Buys $10.4 Million in Meme Coin PEPE


In Brief

  • Crypto whale invests $10.4 million in PEPE.
  • The transaction includes 1.238 trillion PEPE.
  • PEPE’s value has risen 29.70% last month.

A remarkable transaction has shaken the cryptocurrency market as a crypto whale reportedly invested $10.4 million into meme coin PEPE.

This substantial investment, unfolding amid a surge in market activity, has triggered intense discussion about the future of this meme-inspired digital asset.

Crypto Whale Buys 1.24 Trillion PEPE Tokens

Spot On Chain, a well-regarded crypto analytics platform, spotlighted the transaction. Details emerged about a multi-signature wallet known as 0x1a2e64b8a1977bf018850b377020bc33eaaac3c9, which facilitated the movement of an astonishing 915.85 billion PEPE tokens from Binance.

This initial transaction was valued at approximately $7.75 million, calculated at a rate of $0.000008466 per token.


Currently, PEPE exhibits promising market trends. Despite a slight 1.2% dip in the last 24 hours, the meme coin has soared by 29.70% over the last month. With PEPE trading at $0.000008532, its position above the 50-day Simple Moving Average and a healthy Relative Strength Index of 62.78 indicate a stable market sentiment, reinforcing investor confidence.

PEPE Price Analysis
PEPE Price Analysis. Source: TradingView

The influx of significant capital into PEPE highlights an expanding interest in niche cryptocurrencies. Indeed, these tend to benefit from robust community support and a meme-based allure. PEPE’s unique frog-themed branding has endeared it to a broad audience, contributing to its growing traction in digital currency.

Although the motives of the whale remain undisclosed, market analysts suggest that the investor might be capitalizing on the rising potential of meme coins to diversify their investment portfolio and harness nascent market opportunities.

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