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Here Is the Full List of Spot Bitcoin ETF Applications and Deadlines

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Here Is the Full List of Spot Bitcoin ETF Applications and Deadlines



  • the applications for a number of Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are currently being evaluated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
  • Investors can invest in BTC through an ETF without actually holding the coin, thereby avoiding storage and security issues.
  • While numerous establishments are competing for the first endorsed Bitcoin ETF, worries around market control and unpredictability have kept controllers wary.


On the horizon for the cryptocurrency market is a paradigm shift. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the United States has received a number of applications for spot Bitcoin ETFs. Each intends to provide investors with a fresh entry point into the digital gold rush.

Understanding the concept of an exchange-traded fund (ETF) and its potential implications for the cryptocurrency industry is essential before delving into the current Bitcoin ETF applications and deadlines.



What Is a Bitcoin ETF and How Does it Work?

An ETF, or Trade Exchanged Asset, is a crossover between individual stocks and common assets. It offers a bushel of resources – like stocks, bonds, or wares – tradable on significant stock trades.

Dissimilar to shared reserves valued once toward the finish of the exchanging day, ETFs reflect the ongoing value changes of their basic resources. As a result, investors can purchase and sell them like regular stocks.

A Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund, on the other hand, is a logical extension of this concept that targets the crypto industry. Fundamentally, an ETF tracks the worth of Bitcoin.

Rather than direct responsibility for, where financial backers need to take part in some cases complex capacity and safety efforts, a Bitcoin ETF considers an interest in BTC in an organization recognizable to customary financial backers. This indicates that investors would not necessarily hold Bitcoin itself, even though they would hold a stake in the ETF’s value fluctuations.

The charm of a Bitcoin ETF lies in spanning customary money and cryptocurrency potential. For financial backers acclimated with the managed climate of financial exchanges, ETFs offer a more open road to put resources into crypto without exploring the complexities of computerized wallets or decentralized trades.

The market’s legitimacy and stability could be further enhanced by a new wave of capital and interest in cryptocurrencies brought about by this.

Be that as it may, the excursion to endorsing Bitcoin ETFs isn’t without obstacles. One of the reasons regulators like the SEC have been cautious is because they are concerned about market manipulation, liquidity, and the inherent volatility of cryptocurrency.




The Full List of Spot Bitcoin ETF Applications

With this specific situation, the ongoing slew of Bitcoin ETF applications highlights an extraordinary crossroads in monetary history, denoting the convergence of customary speculation vehicles with computerized resources. Indeed, a number of financial institutions have competed to create a spot exchange-traded fund (ETF) for Bitcoin in order to make it easier for investors to access its returns.

The following is a comprehensive list of all spot Bitcoin ETF applications as they are being evaluated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission:

  • ARK 21Shares Bitcoin ETF (ARKB) by 21Shares & ARK
  • iShares Bitcoin Trust by BlackRock
  • Bitwise Bitcoin ETP Trust by Bitwise
  • VanEck Bitcoin Trust by VanEck
  • Wisdomtree Bitcoin Trust (BTCW) by Wisdomtree
  • Invesco Galaxy Bitcoin ETF by Invesco & Galaxy
  • Wise Origin Bitcoin Trust by Fidelity
  • Valkyrie Bitcoin Fund (BRRR) by Valkyrie








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7 Bitcoin ETF Applications Await Approval

The ARK 21Shares Bitcoin ETF is driving the charge, a cooperation between Ark Speculation The board and 21Shares. Their endeavor is a continuous adventure, having looked for endorsement beginning around 2021.

After previous setbacks from the SEC due to concerns about market manipulation and inadequate investor safeguards, this year marked their renewed effort.

Cathie Wood, Ark’s CEO, is nevertheless upbeat. She imagines the SEC giving endorsement for various ETFs all the while, with progress generally dependent upon advertising ability and powerful correspondence.

“Because most of these essentially will be the same, it will come down to marketing and communicating the message. We are trying to get the word out there that our research is deep, and we have been doing it since 2015,” Wood said.

However, not everyone agrees. Better Markets legal representative Scott Farnin asserts that spot Bitcoin markets are susceptible to manipulation, putting investors at unnecessary risk.

“The spot Bitcoin markets (1) have a history of artificially inflated trading volumes due to rampant manipulation and wash trading; (2) are highly concentrated; and (3) rely on a select group of individuals and entities to maintain Bitcoin’s network. These are features of the bitcoin network that make a proposed spot Bitcoin-based ETP extremely vulnerable to manipulation by bad actors, posing unnecessary risks to investors and the public interest. The proposed rule changes offer little to neutralize these threats,” Farnin said.

In any case, BlackRock’s iShares Bitcoin Trust has aroused curiosity. BlackRock’s application is difficult to disregard as the world’s first resource chief, using more than $10 trillion Resources Under Administration (AUM). Coinbase will serve as the custodian for the proposed ETF, which will be measured against the CME CF Bitcoin Reference Rate.

Sui Chung, President of CF Benchmarks, remarked on its strong groundwork, underscoring a devotion to showcase straightforwardness and honesty.

“CF Benchmarks takes price data exclusively from cryptocurrency exchanges that adhere to the highest possible standards of market integrity and transparency. This protects investors as products benchmarked against it can then consistently and reliably track the spot price of the underlying asset. BlackRock’s increasing engagement shows Bitcoin continues to be an asset of interest for some of the world’s largest financial institutions,” Chung said.




The Competition for a Bitcoin ETF Heats Up

Bitwise Resource The board has likewise reignited its interest for a spot Bitcoin ETF. This move, just a brief time after BlackRock’s application, shows the escalated contest inside the area.

Notwithstanding earlier SEC dismissals established in extortion and control concerns, Bitwise stays resolute. Bitwise’s Chief Investment Officer, Matt Hougan, hinted at a cautious strategy and improved conditions for approving a spot ETF.

“It is important that we have had Bitcoin Futures ETFs trading well in the market for two years. It is important that the CME market is big and more established. It is important that we have better regulations and a better understanding of custody. It is going to take not a silver bullet but a fuselage of accurately placed shots. The good news is that these are the best applications we have seen in a decade,” Hougan affirmed.

With a recent filing at the Cboe BZX Exchange, VanEck’s Bitcoin Trust resurfaced in similar endeavors. In any case, past dismissals by the SEC, set apart by the express worries of Chiefs Hester M. Peirce and Imprint T. Uyeda, delineate the difficulties ahead.

“In our view, the Commission is using a different set of goalposts from those it used—and still uses—for other types of commodity-based ETPs to keep these spot bitcoin ETPs off the exchanges we regulate,” commissioners Peirce and Uyeda declared.

Not to be eclipsed, WisdomTree re-presented its application for the WisdomTree Bitcoin Trust. They are motivated by the possibility of exposing investors to Bitcoin’s price movements, despite two unsuccessful attempts. The dedication of the company is similar to that of Invesco, a massive investment firm that manages approximately $1.49 trillion.

The urgency of both applications is demonstrated by highlighting the risks that US investors face in the absence of a spot ETF.

At long last, Devotion Speculations tossed its cap in the ring, returning to its goals for a spot Bitcoin ETF with the Shrewd Beginning Trust. The application, involving a powerful 193 pages, dives into the subtleties of market risk, underlining the danger of financial backers looking for more hazardous other options. With $11 trillion in assets under management (AUM), the company is a formidable rival.



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