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Is Standard Chartered’s $8,000 Ethereum Price Prediction Possible?

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Is Standard Chartered’s $8,000 Ethereum Price Prediction Possible?


To sum things up

  • Standard Contracted experts foresee Ethereum costs could reach $8,000 by end of 2026, driven by expanded use.
  • The bank’s long haul ‘primary’ valuation gauge for Ethereum is between $26,000-$35,000, extending to 2040.
  • Notwithstanding a 68% drop from its record-breaking high, Ethereum’s deflationary issuance and institutional reception support bullishness.

Global bank Standard Sanctioned has made a striking cost expectation for the world’s second-biggest crypto resource, Ethereum. Nonetheless, it seems to be a great deal of ‘hopium’ considering the resource’s ongoing business sector activity, so how plausible is it?

On October 11, Standard Sanctioned investigators anticipated that Ethereum costs could hit $8,000 toward the finish of 2026.



Big Ethereum Price Prediction

Top of the bank’s computerized resources research, Geoff Kendrick, expressed that as Ethereum turns out to be all the more broadly utilized in shrewd agreements, gaming, and the tokenization of conventional resources, its cost will flood.

In addition, he didn’t stop there, foreseeing walloping increases in the long haul, as per Reuters.


“We see the $8,000 level as a stepping stone to our long-term ‘structural’ valuation estimate of $26,000-$35,000,”


The analyst added that that structure stretches way into the future and as far ahead as 2040.

“That valuation assumes future use cases and revenue streams that may not have emerged yet, although the real-world use cases of gaming and tokenization should support their development.”







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Seeing past cycle gains could give a sign of how high Ethereum might move in the following cycle. Besides, since its send off in 2015, the resource has just experienced two significant market cycles.

In January 2017, ETH was exchanging at around $10. By January 2018, it had soar to $1,450, denoting an increase of more than 14,000%. In December 2018, it failed to a bear market low of $85. From that point, it flooded to a record-breaking high of $4,878 in November 2021 — an addition of more than 5,600%.

Its ongoing cycle low was around $1,000 in June 2022. Thus, to raise a ruckus around town’s anticipated cost of $8,000 in the following buyer market, Ethereum would just have to acquire 700%.

It sounds entirely conceivable while considering past market cycles.

Moreover, basics like deflationary issuance, marking, scaling updates, and institutional reception all add to the drawn out bullishness of the resource.



ETH Market Outlook

Nonetheless, the enormous ETH cost expectation appears to be very remote while taking a gander at its ongoing business sector activity.

ETH is exchanging level on the day at $1,561 in the wake of falling around 5% throughout the last week.

Ethereum is at present drifting around help levels and its most reduced cost since it unloaded in mid-Walk.

Also, the resource is this moment 68% down from its all-opportunity high just about a long time back.





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