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Prominent Bitcoin Maxi Challenges Cathie Wood’s Bitcoin ETF Claim

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Prominent Bitcoin Maxi Challenges Cathie Wood’s Bitcoin ETF Claim

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In a word

  • Bitcoin maximalist Max Keiser debates Cathie Wood’s ETF claims, considering them bogus to his 550,000 adherents on X.
  • Cathie Wood promotes Bitcoin ETFs as speedy access for organizations, limiting authority and expense concerns.
  • Max Keiser counters, expressing new spot Bitcoin ETFs offer openness to a cost following intermediary, not real Bitcoin.

Max Keiser, a Bitcoin maximalist, claimed to his 550,000 devotees on X that he considered Ark Contribute President Cathie Wood’s new assertions about a Bitcoin trade exchanged store (ETF) to be misleading.

“This is deluding,” he proclaims in a post on X (previously Twitter).



Cathie Wood Says Bitcoin ETF is Quick and Efficient for Institutions

Cathie Wood makes sense of that major monetary organizations preferably need admittance to Bitcoin in a productive, speedy way. In a meeting, she makes sense of that a Bitcoin ETF is the speediest way for establishments to get to the computerized resource:

“Organizations would rather not mess with care, etc, and charge issues, and other framework, they simply need to have the option to get to rapidly Bitcoin and other advanced resources.”

In addition, Wood asserts that, assuming she is correct, “a spot Bitcoin ETF will be the most liquid way.”

Also, she contends that organizations should have the option to “move in and out rapidly” of Bitcoin.

In any case, Keiser contends that all the new spot Bitcoin ETF’s give financial backers openness to an intermediary instrument that tracks the cost of BTC, yet no admittance to real BTC



Bitcoin ETF Developments in Recent Times

Observers speculate about the potential impact on the approach to the digital asset as the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) prepares to approve or deny a spot Bitcoin ETF on January 10.

Vipkhoone noted on December 26 that few US retirement suppliers are now offering crypto openness.

The approval of a Bitcoin ETF, according to industry leaders, is expected to further streamline access to crypto for retirement savers.


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