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Spot Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs Debut in Hong Kong: Will It Outpace Its US Counterpart?

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Spot Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs Debut in Hong Kong: Will It Outpace Its US Counterpart?

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In Brief

  • Six new spot Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs starts its debut on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX).
  • The ETFs are available in HKD, USD, and RMB, with promising opening prices and innovative features.
  • Industry experts express optimism about Hong Kong’s future as a crypto-friendly financial hub.

Hong Kong has made a significant stride in the crypto sphere by launching several spot Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs today on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX).

This move diversifies investment options and potentially positions the city as a pivotal player in global digital finance.

Hong Kong’s ETFs Open New Possibilities for Crypto Investors

On the first trading day, the newly introduced spot Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs include the Bosera HashKey Bitcoin ETF (BOS HSK BTC), Bosera HashKey Ether ETF (BOS HSK ETH), ChinaAMC Bitcoin ETF (CAM BTC), ChinaAMC Ether ETF (CAM ETH), Harvest Bitcoin Spot ETF (HGI BTC), and Harvest Ether Spot ETF (HGI ETH).

These ETFs are available in multiple currencies, including Hong Kong dollars (HKD), US dollars, and Renminbi (RMB).

The opening prices on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange were promising. BOS HSK BTC and BOS HSK ETH opening prices are HKD 50.540 and HKD 25.340, respectively. Their USD counterparts also saw a robust start at $6.470 and $3.238.

Similar trends were noted in the ETFs offered by ChinaAMC and Harvest, indicating a strong investor interest right out of the gate.

The HGI BTC and HGI ETH opened with considerable attention. Their respective opening prices on the HKEX stood at 8.115 HKD for HGI BTC and 7.970 HKD for HGI ETH.

In the USD counters, the opening prices were recorded at $1.036 and $1.014, respectively. Meanwhile, the CAM BTC opened at 8.030 HKD and its USD counterpart at $1.034. The CAM ETH began trading at 7.950 HKD, with the US dollar price at $1.014.

One of the standout features of the Bosera HashKey ETFs is the ‘in-kind’ subscription mechanism. This lets investors directly subscribe to ETF shares using Bitcoin and Ethereum, facilitating a seamless two-way investment flexibility. Such features are considered innovative and transformative in how investors interact with cryptocurrency markets.





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Moreover, Bosera’s ETFs are pegged to the CME CF Bitcoin Reference Rate and the CME CF Ether-Dollar Reference Rate for the Asia Pacific. This ensures a reliable and transparent benchmark for pricing.

Furthermore, Bosera HashKey has highlighted that these offerings are not just for Hong Kong nationals. The company’s ETFs are also available to international investors who meet local compliance standards. This inclusive approach could broaden the investor base, enhancing liquidity and market stability.

Crypto Hub Ambitions Realized with ETF Launch

Deng Chao, CEO of HashKey Capital, emphasized the significance of these launches.

“The introduction of these ETFs democratizes access to cryptocurrencies, bridging traditional finance and the burgeoning crypto ecosystem,” Chao remarked.

This sentiment highlights the broader implications of such financial instruments in mainstream investment landscapes.

The strategic timing and location of these ETFs could not be more critical. Hong Kong is cementing its position as a forward-thinking financial hub in the digital age. The executives from these asset management giants expressed their optimism.

“We are witnessing the arrival of the Web3 era in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong SAR government and regulatory agencies are promoting Hong Kong from top to bottom to become a global Web3 financial center. The official recognition highlights Hong Kong’s competitive advantages in the global virtual asset field,” Gan Tian, CEO of China Asset Management (Hong Kong) said.

Additionally, Han Tongli, CEO of Harvest International, also noted the broader implications of such products. He sees the approval for these ETFs highlights Hong Kong’s competitive advantages in the field of digital assets. Moreover, it also demonstrates Harvest International’s commitment to product innovation and satisfaction.

The initial market response has been overwhelmingly positive, with substantial trading volumes and price stability on the opening day. Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Eric Balchunas commented on the enthusiasm surrounding these launches.

He notes that the launch is a moment to witness significant interest in comparing the relative popularity of Bitcoin versus Ethereum in an ETF format.

Yet, it’s not all exuberance. Rebecca Sin, another analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence, provided a tempered perspective. She projects these ETFs might attract around $1 billion over the next two years. Such estimates suggest cautious optimism about these financial products’ long-term acceptance and success.

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