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The First Ethereum Smartphones Sell out Within 24 Hours

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The First Ethereum Smartphones Sell out Within 24 Hours


In short

  • The Ethereum-based cell phone pre-deal was a triumph, selling out 50 gadgets in the span of 24 hours, all furnished with ethOS.
  • The ethOS telephone incorporates instruments for installments, informing, and Ethereum Virtual Machines, and supports Layer 2 scaling organizations.
  • Customers were required to purchase an ethOS NFT in order to reserve one of these Ethereum smartphones.

The pre-sale of an Ethereum (ETH) -based smartphone turned out to be a great success. Within 24 hours, the first 50 mobile devices with an operating system based on a network of smart contracts were sold out.








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The Ethereum Smartphone

The “Ethereum Telephone” depends on the Google Pixel 7a and accompanies a one of a kind open-source working framework: ethOS. It’s short for the Ethereum working framework yet additionally signifies “character” in Greek.

The embedded Ethereum light client sets these devices apart from other Web3 smartphones. This component permits the ethOS working framework to freely approve blocks, making the gadget a “light hub” on the Ethereum organization.

The Ethereum smartphone comes with a number of built-in tools for handling payments and messaging. Also, the cell phone incorporates mix for Ethereum Name Administrations (ENS), permitting clients to make installments in a simpler manner. Likewise, it upholds Ethereum Virtual Machines (EVM) and Layer 2 scaling organizations.







Ethereum Smartphones Only Available Via NFT

Only 50 mobile devices were available during the pre-order. To qualify for the purchase of these Ethereum smartphones, interested buyers had to purchase an ethOS non-fungible token (NFT). They could burn it or destroy it to reserve their phone.

Users of OpenSea, the largest NFT trading platform, were warned about fake NFTs in a post on X (Twitter).

Some ethOS NFTs are being sold on OpenSea for three Ethereum (ETH), or almost $5,000. Contrasted with the standard Google Pixel 7a, which sells for $499 in the US, that is a distinction of 10x.



Competition in Mobile Web3 Space

While the pre-sale of Ethereum smartphones has been a great success, the Solana (SOL) smartphone has had a less successful start. Only just over 2,000 units have been sold since release, according to Flipside records.

To support the easy to use Solana crypto telephone deals, Solana Labs as of late dropped the cost from $1,000 to $599. The cost decrease happened after the declaration of the debut of the Ethereum cell phone, which will occur in fall 2023.

Do you have a remark about the Ethereum cell phone, Web3 portable as a general rule, or something else? Write to us or participate in the Telegram conversation. We can also be found on Facebook, TikTok, and X (Twitter).




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