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VELO Token Skyrockets 358%, Dubbed ‘XRP of Southeast Asia’

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VELO Token Skyrockets 358%, Dubbed ‘XRP of Southeast Asia’


In Brief

  • VELO, dubbed “XRP of Southeast Asia,” surged 358% in six weeks.
  • It rebounded from $0.008826 to $0.02873, despite market downturns.
  • VELO enhances cross-border payments with smart contracts.
  • VELO has emerged as the latest sensation in the crypto market, earning the moniker “the XRP of Southeast Asia.”

    Over the past six weeks, this crypto has experienced a staggering 358% surge in value, capturing the attention of traders worldwide.

    VELO Surged 358% in 6 Weeks

    Velo Labs developed VELO, designed to enable digital credit issuance and borderless asset transfers for businesses. The protocol uses smart contracts to facilitate transactions. It provides a secure and transparent way to transfer value across borders.

    Much like XRP, which aims to improve the efficiency of cross-border payments, it focuses on enhancing financial infrastructures and enabling seamless remittances. However, what sets VELO apart is its incorporation of smart contracts, a feature that the XRP blockchain currently lacks

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  • These set of features have allowed VELO to reach a market bottom of $0.0088 within the last 30 days. The token is now up by a remarkable 225.51%. This significant positive gain over the last month contrasts with the current market situation. Indeed, most cryptos continue to shoulder double-digit percentage losses amid the latest bearish downturn.

    According to market intelligence platform Santiment, VELO’s trading volume has increased 30% over the past day, climbing to $0.029. Such price performance reflects the growing interest among investors.

    “Genuinely, I see only one direction this will go in over the next couple weeks. As a worst case scenario, $0.015 level would need to hold if we get a huge retracement. But for now, VELO showing strength,” a crypto community memeber said.

  • Several factors have contributed to VELO’s popularity surge. The project has built its ecosystem and formed strategic partnerships. Notable partners include iRemit, Visa, and Lightnet. These collaborations have expanded VELO’s regional reach and demonstrated its potential to enhance cross-border payments and digital finance solutions.


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