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Yescoin The competitor of Hamster, NotCoin and Tap Swap entered the field

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Yescoin The competitor of Hamster, NotCoin and Tap Swap entered the field


After the introduction of the controversial hamster, which until this moment, there is probably no one who has not entered this fascinating game, and the successful experience of NotCoin and TapSwap, finally a new and reliable game with a completely different and new style, called Yescoin , has entered the field of competition. Currently, with more than 20 million active users around the world, it is attracting new audiences.

If you are left behind from successful projects such as NotCoin and have not received any money up to this point. Now it’s time to make up for it and you can start a new competition with this project that has entered the field in a completely new and playful style called Yescoin .

The game has a very simple style and you have to collect coins from the city surface which is in the form of a picture. In the Yes Coin game, it is enough to click on each coin once to become the owner of that coin. This game is completely different from its competitors such as NotCoin, TapSwap and Hamster in terms of appearance, and it is similar to these games only in terms of general basics.

To quickly join this Web3 game supported by Telegram, just click on the following link:

The link to join Yescoin

What is Yescoin?

Yescoin is a Telegram game like Hamster Kombat, in order to earn money, users have to move their finger on the screen instead of clicking on the screen and do different steps and challenges to collect coins for the game.
There are various challenges in this game and people can get more coins by inviting their friends to YesCoin to make a good profit from selling it if there is a possible list of available currencies.
Learn how to withdraw and transfer YesCoin to your wallet
To withdraw and transfer YesCoin, the ability to connect to the wallet must first be created in this robot. Until now (June 19, 1403), it is not possible to connect this Telegram game to the digital wallet, and this project is currently in the stage of collection and mining by users.


How to withdraw Yescoin

Given that the idea of ​​this coin is inspired by NatCoin, it is possible that this coin will add a wallet connection in the coming days. The transfer of NatCoin to the wallet was also made for users a few days after the launch of the project and was not available from the beginning.
In addition to NatCoin, Hamster Combat will allow users to connect to cryptocurrency wallets about two weeks after launch, and now users of the game can review and download Hamster Combat.
Download Yes Coins
Yescoin is a Telegram game and its access is through the Telegram bot for users, and there is no need to download a special game or program, and to use this game, users must enter the Telegram messenger.


The link to join Yescoin


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