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According to Michael Saylor, the next step is for Bitcoin to 10X from here

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According to Michael Saylor, the next step is for Bitcoin to 10X from here

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  • MicroStrategy co-founder and self-described Bitcoin maximalist Michael Saylor believes that the value of Bitcoin will continue to rise.
  • Saylor dismisses other cryptocurrencies, arguing that Bitcoin is the only institutional-grade investable asset in the crypto space.
  • The tech entrepreneur also commends the SEC’s recent cryptocurrency guidance.

Michael Saylor, co-founder of MicroStrategy and well-known Bitcoin maximalist, is of the opinion that Bitcoin can only rise. He was as dismissive of altcoins as ever in a recent interview with Bloomberg Crypto.

In his Bloomberg interview on Tuesday, Saylor was blunt. He began by confirming that Bitcoin is the “only institutional grade investable asset in the crypto space” for MicroStratgy.






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Bitcoin Is the Only Game in Town, Says Saylor

Saylor argued that in addition to the fact that Bitcoin is the only option available to crypto investors, the sky is the limit for this particular currency:

“Now I think the public is beginning to realize that Bitcoin is the next Bitcoin. The next logical step is for Bitcoin to 10x from here, and then 10x again. Eventually, I have confidence that the crypto exchanges will come round and realize that Bitcoin really is the dominant asset in this space.”

Saylor also noted that Bitcoin’s dominance has increased from about 40% to 48% in just one year. The ratio of Bitcoin’s market share to that of all other cryptocurrencies is known as its dominance. That long-term dominance is headed for 80% when tokens and stablecoins disappear, he added.

Michael Saylor has for some time been a Bitcoin maximalist — somebody who advocates for Bitcoin over any remaining digital currencies — in any event, utilizing the term to portray himself the year before. Maximalists, also known as “maxims,” actively differentiate Bitcoin from altcoins. Frequently considering them to be mere imitators—if not outright scams—of the original cryptocurrency.



Saylor Praises the Clarity From the SEC

Saylor also blamed the lack of institutional investment in the space on “confusion and anxiety.”

Saylor continued, “You are going to see mega amounts of money flow into this space when that disappears.” Additionally, the cryptocurrency exchanges’ business models will be fine. Just concentrate on Bitcoin.

Saylor talked about the upcoming halving of Bitcoin, the increased hash rate, and the “clarity that has come from the SEC” as reasons for the next bull run, which may not come as a surprise. The SEC classified several prominent altcoins as securities last week in its action against Binance.




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