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American crypto is still around: Investing is planned by 35% of family offices

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American crypto is still around: Investing is planned by 35% of family offices



  • despite opposition from the SEC, more than a third of family offices intend to increase their exposure to digital assets.
  • The UBS Global Family Office Report 2023 identifies a shift in this investor class’s strategic asset allocation.
  • DeFi and tokenization platforms are also of interest to 27% of family offices, who plan to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Even though U.S. government and financial regulators want to end crypto, investors still want the asset class. In spite of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s growing hostility, family offices and other institutions intend to continue investing.

More than a third of family offices in the United States have plans to increase their exposure to digital assets, according to recent UBS research.



Crypto Investing to Increase

A family office is a privately held business that manages wealth and investments for a wealthy family. They typically have investable assets worth at least $50 million to $100 million. The successful generational transfer of wealth is their primary objective.

Willy Woo, a Bitcoin chart expert, stated on June 16:

He cited a statistic from the report that stated that 35% of family offices intend to increase their exposure to digital assets. “If you think crypto is dead under the current US regulatory FUD, here’s some perspective,” he said.

On May 31, the UBS Global Family Office Report 2023 was released. It stated that “the biggest shift in strategic asset allocation for several years” was occurring among this investor class.

In addition, 230 family offices with an average net worth of $2.2 billion participated in the survey.


In addition, this year, 27% of family offices intend to invest specifically in cryptocurrencies. According to the report, approximately a quarter of them stated that they were investigating investments in decentralized finance (DeFi).

21% of the family offices surveyed prefer to invest in digital exchanges or tokenization platforms.

The BlackRock ETF filing this week has strengthened the institutional investment narrative. A spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund will be launched by the world’s largest asset manager.

Digital assets were viewed as “representing an investment diversification opportunity” by a staggering 96% of professional investors, according to a related survey conducted by the Japanese banking giant Nomura. This was in addition to conventional asset classes like cash, equities, commodities, and fixed income.







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One-Third of Family Offices Already Into Crypto Investing

Goldman Sachs said that 32% of family offices are currently investing in digital assets, as reported by BeInCrypto at the beginning of May.

Stablecoins, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), decentralized finance (DeFi), and blockchain-focused funds were also popular choices for family offices.

Due to Uncle Sam’s war on cryptocurrencies, crypto markets are still 65 percent below their peak in November 2021. However, if these surveys are any indication, spring may be just around the corner.





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