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Can the developers of Chainlink (LINK) start a new price rally that is bullish?

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Can the developers of Chainlink (LINK) start a new price rally that is bullish?



  • Chainlink has seen a 10% correction over the past week.
  • Holders of LINK are removing tokens from exchanges.
  • Since February, the development of chainlinks has increased significantly.

In the past week, Chainlink has experienced a 10% correction. A top to bottom investigation of verifiable on-chain information shows that Connection value developments are firmly associated to improvement movement. Is it possible that LINK’s price will rise in the coming weeks as a result of the recent DeFi boom?

In the midst of turmoil in the US banking sector, investors are turning to decentralized finance protocols, which has led to some momentum for LINK.


A decentralized oracle network (DON) based on the blockchain, Chainlink (LINK) provides real-world data to DeFi protocols based on smart contracts. Among different variables, the new Connection rally has been powered by the spike popular DeFi items after significant implodes in the TradFi banking area.

The host DeFi protocols, in turn, require Chainlink’s supplementary services as more investors opt for decentralized finance products and services. This has been brought to light by the recent increase in Chainlink development activity to meet the growing demand from various DeFi smart contract platforms.

Since the beginning of February, developer activity on the Chainlink blockchain network has increased by more than 50%, according to Santiment’s on-chain data. As portrayed underneath, the Chainlink advancement action score expanded from 164.90 to 251.80 between Feb 2 and Walk 28.


Advancement movement shows how much assets are being given to working on the organization. This could mean putting in new features, making the network more powerful, or fixing bugs.

As can be seen above, a steady rise is a positive sign. Investors may jump on LINK in the hopes that the value that will be added by the increased development activity will have a positive effect on the company’s long-term price performance.

Notably, previous LINK price rallies have often been preceded by a spike in development activity. If this condition holds, LINK holders can expect another price upswing in the coming weeks.





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The decrease in the supply of LINK tokens on exchanges is another important on-chain metric that backs this bullish position.

Supply on Trades metric tracks the progression of tokens into trades when everyday outpourings are deducted. Santiment claims that since the beginning of March, there has been a consistent decline in the number of tokens in recognized exchange wallets.

As the red line in the chart below depicts, LINK supply on exchanges has reduced from 169.3 million tokens to 158.7 million as of March 28.

The number of tokens available for short-term trades decreases when exchange supply declines for an extended period. The price of LINK could rise as a result of holders moving tokens off exchanges, which creates a relative scarcity.

Crypto investors can anticipate a prolonged LINK price rally if Chainlink developers continue to build at the current rate and holders continue to move tokens off exchanges.



According to the Exchange Market Depth data compiled by IntoTheBlock, Chainlink may have trouble breaking above $7.

LINK traders have placed sell orders for approximately 66 million tokens in the $7 region. However, the next significant resistance for LINK will be around $8.2, where LINK traders have offered another 30 million tokens for sale. If LINK is able to break out of this zone, however,

Nevertheless, if Chainlink falls below the $6.22 buy wall of 277 million, the bears may invalidate the optimistic outlook. However, LINK holders can anticipate a further decline to $5.2, where additional 17 million buy orders can provide support, if that support fails to stem the decline.



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