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MetaMask warns of a campaign to launch a fake token

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MetaMask warns of a campaign to launch a fake token


Popular crypto wallet MetaMask has warned of a fake $MASK token launch, as reported by the project’s Twitter account on March 28.


Metamask says there is no token launch

MetaMask said that far and wide bits of gossip recommend that it will do an authority token preview or airdrop on Walk 31. These rumors, according to the project, enable phishers and scammers to target crypto users and are “not only false but [also] dangerous.”

Dan Finlay, a software developer for MetaMask, stated that the hype surrounding the alleged airdrop is caused by “a bunch of people who don’t know what they’re talking about.” He cautioned that con artists “will most likely be protesting in the streets around that day.”

Before being spread more widely by Degenscan leader serp1337, the rumor appears to have originated on March 26 from a social media account called “eezzy.”

According to these rumor, MetaMask would snapshot user transactions on March 31 prior to an airdrop in 2024, according to alleged insider information. It isn’t certain that the underlying talk was circled with deceitful goals, as it didn’t demand moves to a particular location.

Despite all speculation and suggestions to the contrary, MetaMask does not yet have a native token and has no immediate plans to launch one.




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Metamask token rumors aren’t new

There has been talk for some time about a MetaMask token. In point of fact, the chief executive officer of ConsenSys, MetaMask’s parent company, may have initially sparked the possibility.

By writing on Twitter in November 2021, ConsenSys co-founder and CEO Joseph Lubin seemed to hint at a token launch: Is it $MASK? Keep an eye out. Later, in March 2022, Decrypt reported that Lubin had confirmed MetaMask’s intention to launch a token. Following that, a number of significant websites used that statement as evidence for an upcoming launch.

The previous statement appeared to have led to at least one actual con. In December 2021, attackers hijacked a decentralized exchange to create the appearance of a WETH/MASK trading pair, stealing the funds of hundreds of users.

In January, there was also an unrelated MetaMask scam involving address poisoning. The wallet, in the same way as other others, is likewise a continuous objective for phishing efforts.


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