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Despite JPMorgan’s claim that the Bitcoin ETF won’t affect prices, precedent suggests otherwise

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Despite JPMorgan’s claim that the Bitcoin ETF won’t affect prices, precedent suggests otherwise


In a word

  • A JPMorgan report recommends a Bitcoin ETF won’t be a unique advantage for Bitcoin and other computerized resources.
  • Observers anticipate that the SEC will eventually approve a Bitcoin ETF, despite its initial rejection.
  • The performance of the asset was helped by gold ETFs; Could such an influence be exerted by a Bitcoin ETF?

A report delivered on Thursday by banking goliath JPMorgan recommends a Bitcoin trade exchanged store (ETF) won’t be a unique advantage for computerized resources. Nonetheless, there is motivation to accept in any case.

BlackRock, Wisdom Tree, Invesco, and Fidelity Investments all submitted applications for a Bitcoin spot ETF in recent weeks. The applications have been rejected by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) thus far, but observers anticipate their eventual acceptance.



Observers Expect the SEC to Approve a Bitcoin ETF

However, analysts led by JPMorgan Managing Director Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou wrote in a Bloomberg report that spot Bitcoin ETFs have been around for some time in Canada and Europe. For that all, they noticed, the item has neglected to draw in critical financial backer interest.

However, there are grounds to believe that JPMorgan may have misplaced its disregard for upcoming spot Bitcoin ETFs. Gold, the most well-known asset in the world, is to blame for this.

Oppenheimer Asset Management analysts have documented how the introduction of a gold ETF in November 2004 resulted in a significant increase in the value of the precious metal, as noted in a 2012 Business Insider article.

John Stoltzfus and Matthew Naidorf accept the presentation of the US-exchanged gold ETF (GLD) on November 18, 2004, assumed an unequivocal part in its exhibition for the following eight years.In the eight years prior to the GLD, gold prices increased by 16.84 percent. In the meantime, the ten-year rate fell by 33.55 percent. In the a long time since the ETF started exchanging, gold costs expanded by 286.90%, while ten-year rates fell by 61.65%.

Notwithstanding the worldwide monetary emergencies and other macroeconomic patterns in the period following 2004, Oppenheimer’s planners accepted openness and liquidity given by the ETF structure have altogether added to the energy of gold.

Additionally, the introduction of an ETF provided a great deal of adaptability. Before gold ETFs, financial backers had restricted choices to get to the resource, including gold mining stocks, bullion, coins, and prospects contracts.







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Gold and Bitcoin Both Seen as Safe Haven Assets

So where could the examination be? All things considered, gold and Bitcoin are very much like resources in certain regards. When macroeconomic conditions become turbulent, investors should consider investing in either.

Gold’s price has also been rising over the long term for nearly 20 years. While Bitcoin is the newcomer, and its cost has been more unstable, it also has seen mind boggling returns for financial backers. The first digital currency was the best-performing resource of the 2010s and furthermore the most rewarding resource in Q1 2023.

The most well-known digital asset in the world could be made more accessible through a potential Bitcoin ETF. This presents an easier and more formalized means of entering the market and riding the next Bitcoin wave for many institutional and traditional investors.





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