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PSYOP maker Ben.eth promises to discount casualties after Steve Aoki hack prompts $170k in misfortunes

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PSYOP maker Ben.eth promises to discount casualties after Steve Aoki hack prompts $170k in misfortunes


Ben.eth quote tweeted the post with the phishing link, mistaking it for a message from Steve Aoki.

In a tweet to his followers, Ben.eth, the founder of $PSYOP, stated that he would reimburse anyone who had lost Ethereum as a result of a phishing scam.

He requested that casualties connect by means of email and affirm they had their assets taken.



Steve Aoki hacked

On-chain investigator Zachxbt tweeted on May 26 that programmers had compromised Steve Aoki’s Twitter record to execute a phishing trick utilizing a phony airdrop interface for the $PSYOP memecoin.

Ben.eth accidentally quote tweeted the post containing the phishing join thinking it was from the genuine Steve Aoki — prompting generally $170,000 in misfortunes for individuals presented to the connection.

After falling prey to the con, victims approached Zachxbt. He let Ben.eth know right away, and Ben.eth deleted the tweet right away to prevent any more losses.

On Twitter, Ben.eth responded that he was unaware that the account had been hacked. He stated,





Hack possibly by disgruntled investors

Following the hack, Ben.eth said Aoki’s record was in all likelihood hacked by displeased financial backers who “missed the presale” and are currently attempting to “recover their undiscovered additions.”

It is not clear whether the statement was made in jest because he did not provide any evidence to back up his claims.

Zachxbt’s on-chain examination uncovered the programmers moved the greater part of the ETH to an obscure wallet. Notwithstanding, they likewise moved some ETH to a location that is connected to a past assault.

According to Zachxbt, the andy8052 sim swap and swatting attack involved moving approximately 26 ETH to the following address.



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