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The sudden fall of the Yoda coin: how financial backers lost more than $129K in Ethereum to a mat draw trick

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The sudden fall of the Yoda coin: how financial backers lost more than $129K in Ethereum to a mat draw trick


According to the PeckShieldAlert tweet report, the con artist stole 68 Ethereum while YODA coin shut down all of its social media accounts.

PeckShieldAlert, a crypto sleuth, revealed that the YODA coin rug was pulled on May 5 and that it lost all of its value.

According to PeckShieldAlert’s tweet, the project deleted its Twitter account, and the con artist had already transferred more than 68 Ethereum (ETH).


The rug pull

@borovik.eth, a crypto enthusiast, was one of the first to recognize the pull. He tweeted a screenshot of the unusable official Yoda Coin account.


The comments on Crypto Twitter then contained additional information regarding the suspended addresses. On-chain detective ZachXBT shared that the YodaCoin group likewise deactivated nine bot accounts with gold marks of approval.

PeckShieldAlert kept an eye on the wallets of the con artists and found that they moved more than 68 ETH to the FixedFloat exchange. At the time of writing, the amount is equivalent to more than $129,000 in ETH.






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Memecoin season

Despite the fact that the crypto local area’s considerations on memecoins may fluctuate, late information uncovered that they are, as a matter of fact, very versatile. According to an April Vipkhoone insight, memecoins:


“Continue to defy expectations by thriving in the bear market, outperforming other cryptocurrencies and expanding their utility, attracting retail investors and newcomers to the crypto world.”

Well known memecoins like Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB) have demonstrated how them can be very productive previously. Other memecoins have been surprising investors recently, despite the fact that their volatility has become commonplace.

Most recently, memecoin PEPE (PEPE) caught the attention of the crypto community when it increased by more than 90% in just one day on May 1. PEPE’s rise continues as of this writing. The token has increased by nearly 700% over the past seven days and by 59.38 percent in the last 24 hours.

Within a week of its launch, ChatGPT’s Turbo memecoin went on to surpass $30 million in market capitalization. A few crypto trades have likewise recorded Super tokens as a tradable resource.

Memecoin has a market cap of more than $17 billion and a sector dominance of 1.49 percent, according to CryptoSlate data. The industry has a 24-hour volume of more than $1.49 billion.


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