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This Trader Sold Solana (SOL) for Ethereum (ETH), Targets $5,000

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This Trader Sold Solana (SOL) for Ethereum (ETH), Targets $5,000



  • Arthur Hayes, the founder of BitMEX, recently sold his Solana holdings to acquire additional Ethereum.
  • Hayes predicts ETH’s worth could flood to $5,000, outperforming its past all-time highs.
  • His prediction comes as the price of Solana has increased by a remarkable 875 percent in the past year.

The BitMEX crypto trading platform’s founder, Arthur Hayes, recently expressed skepticism regarding Solana. He passed this opinion subsequent to selling his SOL property on to obtain more Ethereum.

Curiously, Hayes credited his negative standpoint to a heavenly message he got while reflecting.



Ethereum Price Could Reach $5,000

Hayes supported his negative opinion of SOL by pointing to Solana’s connections to Sam Bankman-Fried, the convicted founder of FTX. He accepts such close ties could mean difficulty for Solana later on, which urged him to sell his property.

“I got a message from the Ruler while pondering. He said dump that Sam coin POS, and proclaim your adoration for Lead celestial host Vitalik. Therefore, I abandoned SOL and bot more ETH, Hayes stated.

Following his choice to sell all his SOL tokens, Hayes anticipated a potential Ethereum esteem flood. Hayes gauges ETH could enter another bull run toward $5,000.

Despite the fact that Hayes didn’t indicate a course of events for this expectation, arriving at such a cost would stamp another record-breaking high for Ethereum. Without a doubt, it implies ETH would outperform the $4,864.11 top recorded during the 2021 buyer market.







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In the Meantime, SOL Outperforms ETH

Hayes’ negative view is astounding, taking into account Solana’s cost exhibition and the general development of its environment. During the previous year, SOL’s cost has acquired a shocking 875% contrasted with that of ETH, which is up by 87%.

Similarly, Solana’s decentralized money (DeFi) biological system has seen a resurgence, demonstrating the strong reception it is getting a charge out of.

For setting, on-chain information from DefilLama shows that the exchanging volume of decentralized trades on the Solana network flipped that of Ethereum during the previous day. Over $2 billion was traded on it, while only $1.45 billion was traded on Ethereum.

Resource the board firm VanEck predicts Solana will climb to a main three blockchain in market capitalization, complete worth locked (TVL), and dynamic clients in the approaching year. The projections likewise expect different resource chiefs to send off a Solana ETF (trade exchanged store).

Moreover, Solana has laid out huge associations with conspicuous customary worldwide monetary organizations. Reports from BeInCrypto feature joint efforts with industry monsters, for example, Visa and Shopify, who influence Solana’s innovation to assist their installment processes.


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