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Why a Bitcoin ETF Could Lead to Bitcoin’s Tragic Demise

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Why a Bitcoin ETF Could Lead to Bitcoin’s Tragic Demise

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In a nutshell

  • BitMEX pioneer Arthur Hayes cautions that the expected progress of spot ETFs could prompt the downfall of Bitcoin.
  • Hayes predicts that huge reception of Bitcoin ETFs might prompt a decrease in the immediate responsibility for.
  • There has been a lot of speculation about BlackRock’s amended ETF filing, which called for $10 million in seed funding.

A spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) is anticipated to be approved by the cryptocurrency industry in the United States. Nonetheless, a significant industry pioneer accepts that the outcome of such monetary items could prompt the finish of BTC.

Arthur Hayes, the founder of BitMEX, warned that the introduction of spot Bitcoin ETFs might jeopardize the existence of the first cryptocurrency.


How a Bitcoin ETF Can Kill BTC

As per Hayes, on the off chance that Bitcoin ETFs, which will be overseen by customary resource administrators, are excessively fruitful, they will “totally obliterate Bitcoin.”

Supporting the statement, he contended that TradFi firms will keep on obtaining more BTC. Therefore, Bitcoin exchanges might decline as individuals will more often than not pick ETFs over holding Bitcoin straightforwardly.

“Envision a future where the biggest Western and Chinese resource supervisors hold all the Bitcoin available for use. This happens naturally as individuals confound a monetary resource with a store of significant worth. Due to their disarray and apathy, individuals buy Bitcoin ETF subordinates as opposed to purchasing and hodling Bitcoin in self-custodied wallets. Hayes stated, “Now that a small number of businesses hold all of the Bitcoin and have no actual use for the Bitcoin blockchain.”


The ultimate result is that excavators are constrained to close down their gear, incapable to support the energy costs vital for activity. Such a situation could prompt Bitcoin’s lamentable downfall.

In addition, Hayes contended that beside killing Bitcoin, the crypto business might lose its battle to isolate cash from the state assuming these ETFs become excessively fruitful.







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BlackRock Amends ETF Filing

In spite of Hayes’ advance notice, nothing has all the earmarks of being preventing conventional firms from their desire to get a spot Bitcoin ETF supported. A few Bitcoin ETF candidates, including BlackRock, Hashdex, and Pando, submitted reconsidered filings to the monetary controller.

Bloomberg Expert James Seyffart brought up that resource supervisor BlackRock’s reexamined recording accompanies a $10 million seed financing proposition. While not ensuring a prompt send off, this proposed subsidizing demonstrates the Bitcoin ETF’s expected readiness for an impending send off.


“BlackRock expecting to seed IBIT with $10 million on Jan 3rd… Notable the date and that it is a pretty big bump up from the $100,000 they seeded in October,” Bloomberg senior ETF analyst Erich Balchunas said.

Seyffart noticed that BlackRock’s course of events lines up with prior forecasts of a January send off, demonstrating the company’s goal to push ahead speedily forthcoming endorsement. This action comes on the heels of BlackRock’s previous amendment, which was made on December 19 and included the in-cash redemptions that the SEC had recommended in its Bitcoin ETF application.


In the midst of these turns of events, Bitcoin’s cost has exhibited strength. The top digital currency momentarily contacted $44,000 prior to remedying to $43,642 at the hour of composing.

Crypto merchant Marco Johanning noticed that Bitcoin stays beneath the ongoing key opposition level of $44,400. In any case, he expressed that he sees no new lows for the resource.


“I see three main scenarios: 1. Break this resistance and go higher, perhaps with a small fakeout down before, for example on Sunday (weekly close). 2. Retest the red trendline with the potential for a wick to the order block, then back up and higher. 3. Ranging over Christmas and into yearly close,” Johanning said.


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